What do you remember? (French Fridays with Dorie: Asparagus Soup)

Over the past few years, I have become rather fond of asparagus.

Roasted with balsamic and olive oil.

Wrapped in bacon and grilled.

In a salad.

With bits of pancetta sprinkled on top.

Stuffed inside of brioche.


Somehow, this took me down a mental rabbit trail as I tried to pin down the first time I ever had asparagus.
I don't recall ever having it in my childhood.
I can't remember having it in my early adult hood.
I think I've narrowed it down to a 10 year window.
Which had me wondering why the heck was I spending so much time trying to figure out the first time I had asparagus. I should just be happy that I found it.
It's funny, there are some things that I can remember my first taste of as clear as day - creme brulee, steak au poivre, prosciutto wrapped scallops. I am not sure why the mind remembers some experiences and not others.

This week's asparagus soup was a nice complement to the Tuesdays with Dorie assignment Savory Brioche Pockets - the pockets used the tips of the asparagus; the rest of the asparagus was used to make a half batch of soup. Waste not, want not - right?

I didn't totally follow the recipe (I know, try to contain your shock) - leeks and shallots were sauteed together until they started to turn golden. I (heart) leeks - throw them in anything and I am happy. Asparagus bottoms, water and seasonings were added in. Everything was simmered together and then pureed just before serving.

To serve it, I ladled into small cups from a tea service that I brought back from China. A swirl of creme fraiche was stirred in at the last minute. Simple, earthy, good.

On the book front, it's been a busy couple of weeks: After a couple of months on the library wait list, I finally was able to check out Gone Girl (Gillian Flynn) - weird, but liked it. Listened to Where'd You Go, Bernadette (Maria Semple) on audiobook - it was good, but I am not sure how I felt about the narrator; I haven't decided if I like audiobooks or not.... I am in the middle of Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant (Anne Tyler) - an okay read, but a little bit slow going. I also read A Week in Winter (Maeve Binchy) - it was a quick read; I liked it, but wanted the ending to be better developed.

Up next: And the Mountains Echoed (Khaled Hosseini) and Inferno (Dan Brown).

In other news, Runner Girl is back home for the summer. Culinary Kid is finishing up her school year. And I need a nap...

Peace out.

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  1. LOL - enjoy your nap. Sounds like you have some good reads there. Love your green platter -perefct to complement this dish!

  2. What a pretty little tea service! Glad you liked your soup. I do remember having asparagus growing up, but I hated it, b/c my Mom boiled it until it was mush. I believe she even had a special asparagus pot that was long and skinny. I never enjoyed asparagus until a friend of mine grilled it with some oil, salt, and pepper, after college. What a revelation! It could retain crunch!

  3. The first asparagus I ate ever was from a can. It's no wonder it's taken me years to get over that first impression. This soup would have been a much better introduction! Happy Friday - and I hope you get a nap in there somewhere!

  4. I don´t remember my first asparagus either, but I was a grown adult for sure. I read so many Maeve Binchy book when I just finished HS, I had forgotten. Enjoy your girls Cher this weekend!

  5. Not very memorable, from a can and boiled within an inch of its life....Have you ever tried milkweed?

  6. I think we used the same method to make the soup. Glad I wasn't the only one who didn't follow all of the details! I really like how you served the soup - what a nice tea set.

  7. I've been getting a lot of spam, too - what's up with that? You mucst be thrilled t ohave your daughter home!

    I love your tea service - very nice presentation.

  8. Beautifully done, Cher. I'd be shocked if you ever followed the recipe to a T...that's what makes it so fun to visit you each Friday :)

  9. I (heart) asparagus too. I didn't eat it until adulthood either. I didn't follow the recipe exactly myself. It seemed way too complicated, your way was even simpler than my simplification. Note to self for next time. I love how these look in the Chinese tea cups. Enjoy having a full house for a while. Did your Yankees win? (I decided we can still be friends, at least from my side.)

  10. We used to eat canned asparagus as kids. Not surprising, then, that I grew up thinking I didn't like the stuff. I don't remember when I first had it fresh and not overcooked, but I can't get enough of it while it's in season now.

    Your soup looks great. I especially like the little cups.

    I'm a big Anne Tyler fan, and "Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant" was one of my favorites. Try "Saint Maybe" next, if you haven't read it.

  11. Hope you got your nap Cher! We didn't have asparagus when I was growing up either. I enjoyed Gone Girl but haven't read any of the others.

  12. I love asparagus, but usually I have them roasted. So this is a first for me making a soup out of them. And I can't remember when I had my first stalk either. But I remember being disgusted by the canned version. Yuck.

  13. Yeah, I love bacon and asparagus, so I used it as a garnish to this soup!

  14. I love your presentation (and your tea service). Asparagus is a favourite for me, too, and I can't remember when I first had. In childhood, definitely.

    I'm so glad that this soup was chosen in the same month as the brioche pockets - it worked out so well!

  15. I don't eat asparagus often enough to get acquainted with its taste!

    Choc Chip Uru

  16. Cher, beautiful presentation in the white tea cups - glad that you enjoyed this lovely green asparagus soup! This was a nice recipe for late spring and it made a nice velvety soup.
    Enjoy your long weekend!

  17. Beautiful presentation, I love those tea cups on that serving tray. I just
    finished reading a Week in Winter also. I liked it and have enjoyed all of her books.
    Too bad there will be no more, they were always pleasant to read. Have a great
    weekend. I laughed at that last sentence in your blog, you sound just like Tricia.

  18. Such food memories. Always. I don't remember many food "firsts". Tongue sandwiches, my grandmother's house. Artichokes, my mother-in-law. As a kid, asparagus primarily came from a can but, in season, my mother served in over toast with a cream sauce!!! Your asparagus soup looks lovely in your China-ware, Cher. Although I ate it warm and in a big bowl, I think serving it cold in a small little cup, like yours, is the best way to serve any fresh cold veggie or fruit soup. Glad you've got your girl back for the Summer. She will have changed and matured. I have requested both Binchy and Hosseini's from the library. I'll add Tyler today. Happy Summer, Cher.

  19. I'm not sure I can remember not having had asparagus! Ha!! Like you, I enjoy all of your versions. This was tasty. I changed things up a bit too - and added some corn muffins to round things out.
    Enjoy your summer reading. My book club meets today, and it's my pick for this month - "Let's Pretend This Never Happened" by Jenny Lawson. Hopefully it's funny. We just finished "Eighty Days" by Matthew Goodman - I would definitely recommend. I'll have to check out your picks.

  20. I dont think asparagus is a veggie we ate much of as kids either.... LOL! I can't remember it, I will have to ask my mom... great job this week!

  21. So glad you didn't go through the fussy dance that the instructions called for in making this soup. It looks delicious and you got to your nap sooner.

  22. I love the look of the creme fraiche stirred into your soup - much prettier than my half-sunken dollop! I can't remember the first time I ate asparagus, but I do know I ate it plenty of times in my childhood (my dad even grew it!).

  23. Hi Cher! This is my 6th attempt to leave a comment, hope it gets thru! Fingers crossed!
    I missed reading your blog during my absence!
    I love your soup and your bowls.
    I also read Gone Girl, totally agree, weird yet good!


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