It doesn't have to be complicated (Tuesdays with Dorie BWJ: Savarin)

Once upon a time, I had a friend - let's call her Jerilyn.

Now, Jerilyn and I were opposites in so many ways; I am not sure how we ever got together.

She was a ball of fire - never afraid to put it all out there. I was the shy one with the "quirky" sense of humor.

Jerilyn had the exotic appearance I always longed for - beautiful brown wavy hair with a perpetually tan complexion. While I was (am) fair skinned with a complexion that takes on two forms - white or pink. There is no tan version.

Jerilyn would never be caught without full-on makeup and a perfect coif - she carried the equivalent of a beauty salon in her purse. True story. Hair spray. Check. Curling iron. Check. Full make up kit. Check. I am the girl who could hold the entire contents of her make up collection in the palms of her hands.

When running around town, Jerilyn would always be rocking killer heels; I rocked the Birkenstocks and Teva. Heels are for work, man...

I was perpetually early; Jerilyn was always perfectly & fashionably late. She made being late an art form.

If I could describe Jerilyn in one word, it would be "Complicated".

For her, just the simple act of leaving the house was always a production. And an adventure.

It could never be as simple as grabbing a purse and a set of car keys and hitting the road. There were always "things". It was a process.

With any other person, many of those traits would drive me absolutely nuts. But with Jerilyn, it just worked. She made me tired, but she also made me smile. I wouldn't have her any other way - if she were less complicated, she wouldn't have the same spark. She wouldn't be Jerilyn.

When I saw that the first Tuesdays with Dorie recipe for June was savarin, I have to admit that I groaned out loud. The Daring Bakers challenge for April was this savarin. Like Jerilyn, that savarin was absolutely delightful; but man, it sure was complicated. I still haven't recovered.

Yeasted bread; overnight soaking; chantilly cream. It was a two day affair.

It was complicated.

Fortunately, a quick scan through the instructions for this savarin led me to the conclusion that this was the less complicated sister of the Daring Baker's savarin.

Deep sigh of relief.

It started with a yeasted bread/ cake that came together quickly (from start to finish, the bread/ cake part was done in less than three hours). Instead of using one large bundt, I spooned the dough into two mini bundt pans - because everything is more fun when it is made in miniature.

A simple syrup was spooned over the cooled cakes - no over night soak.

As delicious as the chantilly cream was, I didn't miss it this time around. Whipped cream and fruit were used to finish it off. There were more components in the directions - I promptly ignored them (raspberry puree and a final soak of brandy). It was too hot to be so fussy.

One mini-savarin was perfect for sharing.

Even though Jerilyn is best enjoyed with all of her complicated-ness, it is nice to know that there are some things in life that can be fully enjoyed in a less fussy version. Even if they are a little bit less sparkly for it.

Peace out.

This post participates in Tuesdays with Dorie. The delightfully uncomplicated recipe for savarin can be found here.


  1. I read similar thoughts on another blog stating that this recipe was easier than the one for Daring Bakers. Can't wait to try it! Yours turned out great!

  2. I'm glad to hear this is a relatively unfussy savarin. Your mini-bundt versions look lovely. We'll be making ours later this month, as we couldn't arrange a baking time for this posting date.

  3. Loved the post and your mini savarins look beautiful!

  4. I didn't have time to do this one but since you say it's so easy, I might have to give it a go later in the summer. Looks lovely.

  5. lol I know what you mean. Sometimes it needs to be less complicated. I feel it's more important if it is perfect, complications can be too much and might spoil the end result. That might be in life or while cooking. =)
    Your Savarin looks great by the way, I am getting the taste for it.

  6. Very true, this post. Sometimes we`re up for the challenge and sometimes the simple things are a challenge. The mini savarin was a great idea Cher! Another use for my mini bundts that don`t get much of a workout.

  7. LOL - I hereby dub your Savarin Not Jerilyn. This was good, wasn't it - nice and easy after the last one.

  8. You are now a Savarin expert! It wasn't my favorite, but I'm glad to have made it :)

  9. I read through this recipe and decided it was too complicated for me right now, but you make it sound easy :-) Yours looks delicious, too. I'm definitely hoping to get to this over the summer, while berries are still in season.

  10. First off, fabulous post....I thoroughly enjoyed it! And secondly, your savarin looks wonderful. That one you made for the other group really does sound complicated. I am so glad this one was simple.

  11. Just beautiful, Cher! I’m making mine tonight. For some reason, I thought I had another to week. Looking forward to making this one.

  12. Your mini looks fantastic! I was pleasantly surprised that this wasn't the huge pain in the butt that I thought it would be.

  13. Great idea using mini-bundt pans! Glad to hear we attempted an easier version of the savarin.

  14. Love the mini version and your story!

  15. Cher, I like that you used such a pretty mini Bundt pan for the savarin - and I could not agree with you more, no need to be too fussy with this recipe, whipped cream and fresh berries look perfect with your lovely mini savarin.
    Have a good wednesday!

  16. I'm relieved we made the easier recipe, as there is no way I could have made it on a Sunday night otherwise. Your cakes look really good, we also made minis and loved them.

  17. Well, your effort paid off - these are lovely!

  18. Glad this recipe wasn't complicated! It was easy but not my favorite. Looks pretty though!

  19. This cake looks absolutely beautiful, it is so cute :D
    Well done with the effort!

    Choc Chip Uru

  20. I love the shape you got. I wish I had petite molds for this one.

  21. Where did you get that mold? Your Savarin is beautiful!

  22. How much I have enjoyed and loved reading your story, Cher.
    Your mini Savarin is gorgeous.
    PS: I second your style: I've never been a Jerilyn ;-)


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