Reflect (French Fridays with Dorie: Sable Breton)

I am feeling reflective today. My thoughts are based more on life and life's stages than they are on food.

Although, it should be noted that food often accompanies the passages of life.

Today, my "baby girl" is graduating from high school. (I am sure if she reads this, it will result in the rolling of eyes and the "mo-ommmm" that comes when I call her that - and I totally deserve it.)

It's a weird feeling. (The graduation, not the eye-rolling - I've totally become accustomed to the eye rolling.)

When Runner Girl graduated last year, it felt different. I knew I was preparing to cut some of the strings by sending her away, but I didn't have a sense of the self-assured and capable young woman she would start to morph into during that year away.

Now I know.

And now, her sister is preparing for that same journey. I guess we are each going to have our own journey - she will be on her own at college. And I will be on my own at home. That means I will have to live with myself. Oh dear.

Earlier this week, Culinary Kid had a graduation ceremony for her Vocational-Technical program. During the commencement speech, the Director of the Vo-Tech school went into this long speech about how they (the kids) are now in the driver's seat for the rest of their lives.

Frankly, that statement scared the living crap out of me. Obviously, he has never seen her drive.

It's a funny thing - as a parent, you spend years guiding them and training them (a.k.a. eking out child labor) and doing your best to turn them into productive members of society. Eventually, there comes a point in time where you actually have to let them figure out how they are going to fit in. My inner control freak is so not on board with this. Fortunately, the logical part of me is able to play "whack a mole" with my inner control freak and keep it in check.


At least I am sending her off knowing how to do her own laundry. And knowing how to water plants. And how to make eggs and crepes. And how to clean up after herself. Okay, so maybe I have failed on the last one...

This is one of those the moments in life that are both sweet and tart.

Sweet - like fresh, ripe berries. Tart - like a healthy slathering of lemon curd.

Speaking berries and lemon curd....

This week's FFwD recipe was a lemony tart on a shortbread like cookie base - topped with fresh fruit.

Straight up confession - I worked with the concept, but didn't follow the directions. (I know, surprise).

The dough from this galette became the base for this tart. Instead of making lemon curd, I spooned it out of a jar. I did use berries as per the recipes suggestion, but skipped the currant jelly glaze. (I did BUY the currant jelly with the intent to use it - does that count?)

The result was a simplified version of the original recipe. It was promptly demolished, so my belief is that the shortcuts in no way detracted from the outcome.

It is good to be able to take the path of least resistance and still have it all work out in the end.

Peace out.

This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie. Dorie posted the recipe for her Sable Breton here in 2009.


  1. Lovely, reflective post, Cher! I'm sure your girls are well-prepared for "the Real World" whether you are, or not.

    I modified the tart, too.

    Happy Friday!

  2. Mmmm...raspberries. I wonder if they have a raspberry season here. They definitely don't have blueberries. Too hot. My Italian friends didn't know what I was asking about. I had to show them a picture of a blueberry. I can't really imagine a summer without blueberries. Oh well, I'm about to live it. What was I talking about? Oh yeah. Take a few deep breaths. I have anxiety just thinking about Charlie going off to college, and he's only 3. Part of my problem is that we already look at him and have no doubt in my mind that he's going to be a hoody-sweatshirt and cargo pants clad party boy who rolls into class with pillow lines on his face. I never realized that kids have the personalities they'll keep from so early on. It must be terrifying and thrilling and lonely to send them out into the world.

  3. Oh Cher - what a wonderful day for you (but sad and happy at the same time!). You must be so proud of your kids :)

    Re: the tart, yours looks great but you totally need to try this one with the sablé Breton base. It's to die for :) (for when you CAN be bothered LOL!) Happy weekend!

  4. Aw, I went through the same thing last year when Nick graduated...bittersweet. Sending you a big hug, Cher. that you made your tart in a rectangular pan. Beautiful!

  5. Lovely post, Cher. It is hard to see our children leave the nest…but as a mom who's sent off three, you will do just fine! And she will blossom into the fine young lady you raised her to be! Always bittersweet.

    Your galette looks beautiful!

  6. Hi Cher-beautiful post-we went through the same thing but the good news is-they come back!!! I know it's never the same but the kids are great as adults too ;-)
    Beautiful sable breton-love the rectangular pan and your pretty berries;-)

  7. Having a 9 year old, it's hard for me to imagine the day she leaves the nest. Regarding the tart, sometimes the shortcuts mean the difference between getting something done and not done. It still looks delicious!

  8. Oh Cher, you always make me miss FFWD baking. I now want to bake, but the home AC is running on and on and ON in this ninety degree heat and I am afraid of turning on the oven for fear I'll kill the home cooling system! (Maybe tomorrow morning, in the wee hours, I can give this a try.) On your children leaving, they do come back--especially girls--they need moms. Always will!

  9. Lovely post, Cher. Hard to believe but it all works out. I was concerned over my two, and
    now I am concerned about four grandchildren. No matter the age, you never stop
    worrying. Your girls will be fine and grow into lovely women. By the way, your statement
    about driving cracked me up as I was enjoying my morning coffee at 6.00 AM. Lovely
    breton tart/sable, looks great.

  10. Congeatulations to Karate Kid on her geaduation, and best of luck to all of you on the next phase of your lives. Your galette looks superb - raspberries have my heart forever.

  11. I wish I could say I had that experience but I can imagine it would be very hard to let them go.
    Looking at the tarts, this looks absolutely perfect :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  12. What a nice post. I wish you all three of you (the girls and the mom) a wonderful journey, independently and together. From reading your posts for a couple years now, it seems they are well prepared for whatever the future holds. Congratulations to Culinary Girl on her graduation. As far as the tart goes, it's the concept that's makes it a winner, and yours looks great even if it's not exactly true to the recipe. As Mardi said, you should try the recipe's base sometime. It's delicious. Have a great weekend.

  13. Congratulations to the graduate. That's very exciting. And congrats also on your gorgeous tart.

  14. The tart is gorgeous Cher, though I don´t think it will make up for your empty nest right now. So many new experiences for all of you in the coming years! Have a good weekend my friend!

  15. A very fitting analogy of the bitter and sweet of this tart with that of life.. my son had is 8th grad commencement yesterday and I'm starting to prepare for his eventual departure. I guess I should teach him how to do laundry?

  16. Like Betsy, I feel I have met your girls through 2 1/2 years of your Posts. I get the sense that since you been through this once, you're a little more prepared. Then, when it's all about being brave, you're hit with that "empty nest" problem. It's all good and how lucky both those girls are to be able to go on to college. Thanks for that, Mom. But, you'll always be a Mother and sometimes your advice will be appreciated, sometimes not. Last week I gave my 47-year old Melissa some very sage (I thought) advice and her reply was "I know you needed to have your say, and I heard you, and I hope you can hear me......." and then she proceeded to tell me how she was going to handle the problem. Her response made me laugh and I was sorta (just sorta) proud of her for walking her own path. Love your tart. My curd came out of a jar. And, I bought the jelly for glaze and then didn't use it either.

  17. Simplified is sometimes better. Looks tasty!

  18. Your tart looks gorgeous. And I can relate to the "inner control freak" dilemma, as my oldest graduated last year and my youngest will in a couple of years. We raise them to make them independent, but sometimes it's hard to let go, isn't it?

  19. Oh my, I am so with you- except that my younger one is graduating next year so this year is a bit easier for me. Though what a year it has been with these kiddos. You are well ahead of the game as your daughter can actually do laundry and drive. I am not letting my younger one even get his permit (recall he was to be away all year and not needing it...and will be in boarding school next year...but in reality I fear too much time spent on "Grand Theft Auto".....). It is definitely a time of transition and I imagine it is actually going to last for years....Nice galette, by the way :) I really have to knock this one out soon !!!

  20. I used to make fun of Empty nest syndrome. Could not wait for dau to go to college. She was so grown up. Then I cried all the way home after leaving her. ""SIGH""

    In other news, your rectangular galette is cute. I always forget I have that long pan.

  21. Awww. I am sure you have done such a fabulous job that your kids will be more than ready to tackle the world! And they'll miss you and stop rolling their eyes at some point too xxxxx

  22. I just love the shape of yours, and the simplicity! A brilliant salute to growing up.

  23. Cher, you used one of my favorite tart pans for your very pretty Galette with those lovely raspberries - I love oblong tart pans. It makes for very nice slices when you cut it!
    Congratulations also to Culinary Kid on her graduation! Wishing her all the very best for the future - and what a wonderful and thoughtful post you wrote, I really enjoyed reading it - as I always do!
    Sorry, I am running so extremly late with comments this week!
    "See" you Friday!


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