A fish tale (French Fridays with Dorie: Mediterranean Swordfish with Frilly Herb Salad)

There is a picture that has been hanging in my parent's house for over 30 years.

We were up at the lake. My father is standing on a rock wall with fishing pole in hand. I am sitting near-by with a long stick with a piece of fishing line and a hook attached to it. I couldn't have been much more than 5 or 6 at the time.

I am pretty sure that I thought I was quite the thing out there with my fishing stick. Knowing how clumsy I was, my dad was probably praying that we wouldn't end up taking a trip to the emergency room to fish a hook out of my back side. 

Since I don't remember any trips to the emergency room, those prayers must have been well answered.

Confession: There is no swordfish and there is no frilly herb salad to be seen here this week.

There is fish. There is salad. Surely that counts for something...

It went like this - The Dude went fishing in the Gulf (of Mexico) and brought back a large portion of trout from his trip. Now don't get me wrong, I love fresh fish - and this fish is really good; but it filled the hole in my freezer that I had finally cleared out to make room for the ice cream canister and Popsicle molds.

Hence, instead of marinating and cooking Mediterranean Swordfish, we used Gulf trout (and chicken cutlets for my fish hater). The marinated trout was wrapped in foil packets and thrown on the grill - its still to hot to cook indoors...

And what's my excuse for the frilly herb salad? Bags of mesculun, bunches of tiny radishes, baby cucumbers and heirloom tomatoes all hanging out in the refrigerator (except for the tomatoes - tomatoes don't go in the fridge) from my CSA share.

This sounds a lot like the old "the dog ate my homework" excuse, doesn't it?

The fish and salad were paired with this tart.

And as soon as the dishes were cleared from the table, we were on the road, since Runner Girl had a race early the next morning... (Which went well...)

Fortunately, next week's "dieter's tartine" is another dish that doesn't require actual cooking - which is just fine with me, since the Northeast heat wave is still going strong and leaving most of us feeling perpetually wilted. I am sure that I will remember these 90-100F days fondly once the sub-zero days of February are here again. 

Peace out.

Boilermaker finish line

This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie. The recipe for Mediterranean Swordfish and Frilly Herb Salad can be found here.


  1. Where is the picture. A picture speaks a thousand words...

  2. You got it done 'Cher Style'! Good for you:) Your summer veg tart looks really good. I might pull out the book and make it.

  3. Haha...I think we'd all pass out if you followed one of Dorie's recipes to a T :) But that's what brings us back each Friday. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Hope the weather gets more comfortable soon. Love your version of this week's dish, and having all that trout would be a treat.

  5. Even with the AC on full blast and a fan blowing in the kitchen I still get hot cooking... when is this heat going to break? Love the idea of trout... and your salad is exactly what I would have made if I made a salad with this dish.

  6. Rocking the rogue recipe as usual Cher! Good to know this works for fish other than $$$ swordfish! Stay cool!

  7. Yep, I'm thinking foil pouches would have been just as good and far less messy! I'm glad your daughter's race went well!

  8. Cher, I love trout, it is one of my favorite varieties of fish, especially when it is really fresh and Gulf trout sounds amazing - the vegetable tart sounds like a perfect side dish for your lovely fish!
    I decided to skip this Friday since it was the last day of school yesterday and we decided to take the kids on a lovely afternoon trip to amazing Cologne and I just felt like blogging about that instead...
    Have a wonderful weekend filled with fun and delicious summer treats!

  9. I am sure the marinade was just as good with the trout, and you can't go wrong with a salad made from fresh CSA veggies.

    (Please ignore if this is a duplicate comment)

  10. Well I was going to have filet mignon with arugula but since I actually had swordfish and a bunch of parsley in the fridge so I subbed in the swordfish for the filet and parsley for the arugula. lol. as we get further along in this project I am finding it harder and harder to resist the tempation to do what you did and go rogue and just as lovely! Great job.

  11. It sure has been quite hot here, that’s for sure! Looking for a cool spell!
    Fresh trout sounds great to me and the tart was a perfect accompaniment! Hope you had a great weekend, Cher….stay cool!

  12. I am jealous of your trout. It sounds delicious!

  13. Love your inventions Cher! Looks delicious!
    (I have a fish hater too)

  14. Your fish and salad works for me.


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