Not as difficult as it seems (Tuesdays with Dorie BWJ: Summer Vegetable Tart)

Okay now - list ten things that appear to be more difficult than they actually are...


1) Picking up clothes off the floor
2) Putting dishes in the dishwasher
3) Starting a load of laundry
4) Picking fly-away cereal off the floors
5) Closing cupboard doors
6) Making beds
7) Throwing away empty containers of milk instead of putting them back in the refrigerator
8) Taking out the trash
9) Picking up the mail at the post office
10) Shutting the back door when you go outside

We've been having lots of conversation in our house lately about the skill level required to handle some of the above noted tasks.

I have been doing my best to debate the relative simplicity required. My subjects are dubious as to my claims.

Hey - I have to at least try. After all, they will have to argue to these same points to their own children someday. I need to give them ammunition in making those arguments, right?

Now, I must note that this has not been a totally losing proposition. We have made progress in acquiring these skills - most notably this past year or two.

Oh, here is one more thing that is less difficult than it appears to be - this summer vegetable tart.

Here, sheets of phyllo dough were layered with clarified butter and pre-baked to form a shell. I opted to layer the bottom of the tart with a couple tablespoon of collard green pesto that had been hanging out in my freezer - compliments of last year's CSA bounty.

Mushrooms and zucchini (I think the recipe called for different veggies, but I opted to use what was already in the fridge) were lightly sauteed, tossed with crumbled goat cheese and thrown into the prepared shell.

The hardest part of this whole deal - separating the pieces of phyllo from each other and brushing them with butter. Man, that stuff is thin.

Served at room temperature, this paired beautifully with salad and grilled fish.

This definitely looks more difficult than it actually was.

Speaking of which, about that laundry...

Peace out.

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  1. LOL. Your list is right on. We enjoyed this tart, too, although I'd use a different crust next time. Pesto sounds like a great addition.

  2. At my house you can add running the garbage disposal to the list! Glad this was a hit with your crew...mine didn't touch it!

  3. This looks great! I had a pastry mis-purchase and got the wrong pastry. I'll be doing this for a rewind on the 30th though - looks fab!

  4. This looks great - I had a pastry mis-purchase so will be making this for a re-wind on the 30th. Yours looks delicious!

  5. I seem to be the only one who can accomplish 1, 2 and 4 at my house. I miss our dog Kelsey. No one had to pick up stray cereal when she was alive.

    I agree that the tart was a hit. It may go into heavy rotation at my house. I can see tomatoes or sautéed kale or asparagus tips.

  6. This tart looks beautiful! Love the color on the zucchini!

  7. I love the colours in this tart, so delicious :D


    P.S Because of my exams, I will not be commenting for around 4 weeks - see you afterwards!

  8. Too funny. Making this was definitely more fun than any of the tasks on your list :-) Your tart looks excellent.

  9. Your tart looks perfectly delicious!! The zucchini and pesto sound like great additions! I actually thought of using zucchini…but I would have had to go to the store, and that wasn’t happening!

  10. We have the same conversation at my house! (Honestly, I'm the only one talking and listening, so I'm not sure it qualifies as a "conversation") Do you know it takes less than 2 minutes to unload the dishwasher? Go ahead, time it. And #4 is a non-issue when there are 3 dogs nosing about.

    One question: how does one make collard green pesto? We always have an overabundance of it from the CSA. I'd love to know how to preserve some.

  11. Great post!! I loved it! Made me laugh and squirm a bit as some of those 10 things are still a challenge for me. :)
    Your tart is beautiful. I loved this and will be making it again.

  12. I forgot all about finding empty cartons of milk in the fridge! Your tart looks so good, I know it was time consuming to make but it looks like it was worth it for all who enjoyed a slice ;)

  13. Your list... and your tart.. are both fabulous! Such a good laugh. Thank you.

  14. Goodness, I hear you about the chores! The hardest part for me is not sweeping through the house and just doing everything myself...faster, better, without complaint. I have to really hold myself back and just steadfastly pause and point at what I would like cleaned up. You are right...if they don't see their messes now, how will they cope when they are older with families of their own!!

  15. Great list! I am always amazed at how fast I do get the dishes done after what looks like a tornado had just touched down. The pesto sounds like a wonderful addition to this tart.

  16. Very nice, Cher! And, as always, you made me laugh!

  17. Yum. As always a laugh! Yes, this presents more impressive than the skill it requires!

  18. Yeah, this tart wasn't bad - I just used dried out phyllo that wasn't going to play nice whatever I did. The filling was good though.

  19. Your filling sounds better than the original, but then goat cheese always makes a recipe better. Great job my friend! With the tart, not the laundry...

  20. I had all the ingredients to make this and I have no idea what happened! Looks soooo good!
    And if you make any headway with the list of chores please share the secret!
    Mine just stare at me with blank faces when I mention anything one your list, you'd think I was talking astrophysics to them!

  21. I did not have the patience for this recipe. Yours is perfect!


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