He just doesn't get it... (French Fridays with Dorie: Tuna Stuffed Peppers)

He just doesn’t get…

…that I “have” to have a cupboard of mis-matched dishes.
...that I have to go to six different stores to find the right type of olives. (No, I can’t use the ones that the kids used to stick on the end of their fingers at Thanksgiving.)
…that I have two cupboards dedicated to flours (and a section of the freezer).
…that I have to make something with chicken livers even though I don’t like chicken livers.
…that I cannot and will not make a cake from a box mix.
…that sometimes I have to make three desserts in one weekend.

…that sometimes I have to make the (insert insane item here) instead of buying it pre-made.
…that I really DO need another bundt pan.
…and 6” and 4” spring form pans.
…and four different sized tart pans.
...sometime dinner has to comprise three to four totally unmatched cuisine items. Yes - you can have Indian, Italian and southern food all in the same meal.
But I think he’s getting used to it.  
So, when I told him that we were having tuna stuffed peppers as an appetizer for dinner last Sunday night, he gave it a slight nose wrinkle and only questioned the concept moderately. I am pretty sure that my initial reaction was much worse - fortunately, I know enough to not show my distaste of a recipe that I am about to cook. (You can't let them smell your fear - or you'll never get them to eat it...)

This week, the French Friday with Dorie crew undertook stuffed peppers. But not just any old stuffed peppers - these were peppers stuffed with tuna fish.
What the what? I didn't think you could put anything besides Spanish rice in peppers.
A salad of chunk tuna, chopped olives, capers, minced shallot, lemon juice, olive oil, thyme and salt/ peppers was stuffed into the cavity of the nearest unsuspecting roasted pepper. The recipe called for the ever elusive piquillo peppers. Since no grocer in Fulton County, NY seemed to have those on the shelf (I might as well have been looking for a unicorn hugging a leprechaun), standard roasted red peppers appeared instead. Once stuffed (rolled), they spent some time under the broiler - just because.
At which point, I made him eat them.
He didn't get it, but he ate it. (Frankly, I liked the filling better spread over a slice of toast the next day).

By the time this posts, we will be across the country almost 3,000 miles away from home - so that I can attend the International Food Bloggers Conference in Seattle, WA. Yes, I will have dragged him all the way across the country and he will totally not understand why. (Although, to be fair, I feel the same way about football...)
He may not get it, but at the end of the day, if he enables me while I am doing it – that’s all that really matters.

Peace out.
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  1. I'm lucky in that Neil (kinda sorta) does get it but it's definitely taken a while... Our neighbours and my colleagues and friends don't get it but (for the most part) they reap the rewards of my time in the kitchen so they don't complain!

    Have so much fun in Seattle, you know how much I wish I was there...

  2. My whole family is pretty open to "The weekly weird french food" it. Looks fantastic... have the greatest time.

  3. Hope to meet you at IFBC!! :)

  4. LOL - my mother thinks I am insane too, but she doesn't live with me hence has no say. Have fun at the conference!

  5. This post made me feel less strange. I have an entire shelf on my (full-size) freezer dedicated to flours.

  6. Your words are so true Cher! The complaints about buying too many clothes seem to be about food stuff now for food bloggers, men don't get either, jaja. So glad you all got to meet at the conference, such a blast!

  7. Have a wonderful time at the conference meeting everyone :D


  8. E doesn't get that I can and will figure out how to stuff those new baking sheets/glass bowl sets/small appliances in our kitchen cabinets.

    Safe and fun travels back to upstate NY!

  9. Sina doesn't get it either. He does perhaps a bit more now...after IFBC... but he will revert. He always does. But for tonight he is getting these exact peppers as our appetizers and he better not say a thing.


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