No apologies (French Fridays with Dorie: Pork Chops with Thyme Butter)

This was a challenge I fear,
That involved eating animals so dear.
Those baby cows I drive by
With their large pleading eyes.
To eat - them would cause me to tear.

So, this week's veal chops with rosemary butter turned into thick cut pork chops with thyme butter.

I make no apologies - I just don't do veal.

The Dude and I are on opposite sides of the veal camp. It's one of his favorite foods and has been the source of more than one debate in our house.

However, the thought of a boneless pork chop, seared until golden and topped with an herbal butter (I had thyme in the fridge) totally floated my boat (and received pretty strong reviews from The Dude).

For whatever reason, I have been totally into compound butters this summer. Bacon and maple syrup - bring it on. Pink peppercorns crushed into butter - I am so there. Herbs - you know it just has to happen. Blue cheese? Come to momma.

And all bad dreams of baby cow eyes looking at me were avoided.

Peace out.

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  1. These look great! And I wondered how many people wouldn't do the veal too... I was thinking pan roasted lamb chops might be great with a compound butter too (though maybe you don't eat lamb either?)

  2. Blue cheese, I like that one. I was very close to using pork chops too, but finally made it with rump steak. And my own version too. Have a good weekend Cher!

  3. I've been making compound butters, too. (But I didn't really like the cilantro-lime butter I made; something was missing.) Your pork chops were a good sub. I do like veal, but it's been so long since I've had it -- and the neighbor has adorable calves who grow up to make steaks.

    Happy belated birthday! What decade would you label the 60's?

    1. The 60's - hmmmm. I think life is just getting really good right around then. :-)

  4. Oooh, blue cheese butter, sounds like a winner for steaks. Will have to give it a try. And I thought that Dorie's method would work well with pretty much any cut of meat.

  5. I would definitely be on your side of the veal debate - especially after reading your poem. I love compound butters. Actually, I really just love butter!

  6. Beautiful, Cher! Pork wouldn't have put me in debt!

  7. amen. no veal ( or lamb) for me either. No apologies. If my husband wants those things, He has to get them at a restaurant. Not in my kitchen. looks like the pork was a perfect sub.

  8. With you on the pork chop it was really tasty. My mom said she liked the idea of pork better because as a chop she tough veal wasn't as tasty.

  9. Great poem and great job on sticking to your guns. Evidently they sacrificed our little guy in vain since he ended up tough anyway. Never again ! Now, to move on to making compound butters.......yum.

  10. This sounds like it would be delicious with pork chops as well!

  11. Certainly understand and am totally in sympathy with you concerning eating veal. Feel the same way about foie gras but I've never liked foie gras - I like veal chops. Eating this chop (the butcher assured me it was humanely raised for whatever that's worth) was a real treat for me. Once every ten years I will probably eat a veal chop. I agree about compound butters - I am having fun with them. Bacon and maple syrup. Cannot wait to try that. Again, Happy 40th Birthday, Cher.

  12. Pork sounds like the way to go and will definitely try the butter mixture on a lovely
    pork tenderloin next time. Looking forward to Seattle, can't wait to meet.

  13. Your compound butters sound yummy! Happy 40th Birthday - that's always a fun one - just think Julia Child was just coming into her new and wildly successful career in gastronomy at that point. By the way, I think pork is an inspired choice for this butter - Happy 40th Birthday YEAR!!!

  14. Happy Birthday, Cher! I'm glad this works well with pork because that's what I'll probably do when I try this again. This was my first compound butter in eons, but I'm with you on their greatness. See you next week!

  15. Your thick pork chops look fabulous. Happy 40th Cher!

  16. Happy Birthday Cher!!! -you young thing you ;)
    My days of compound butters are over and now you've got me thinking about cow eyes-good thing I have chicken sausage on the dinner menu tonight. Chicken eyes are not creeping me out right now ;)

  17. The pork chops look like the perfect substitution! Really, this preparation would work for all sorts of meats. I need to start making more compound butters.

  18. How can you go wrong with a pork chop and herbed butter? I did the veal just because I haven't done cooked it in such a long time. Very excited to meet you later this week!


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