Pre-occupied (Tuesdays with Dorie BwJ: Sweet Berry Fougasse & Blueberry Muffins)

It was another choose your own adventure kind of week around Tuesdays with Dorie.

Blueberry muffins or Sweet Berry Fougasse.

Since neither recipe was technically challenging and both were able to be worked into my schedule of crazy, I opted to make both.

A blueberry show down of sorts.

One quart of blueberries were pulled from the freezer - two recipes at the ready, waiting to see which one best showcased these little gems of summer.

In one corner, we had the ubiquitous blueberry muffin.
Whipping butter and sugar into a frenzy and the use of cake flour (I used unbleached) instead of regular all-purpose contributed to the light, tender crumb that made these muffins more cake-like than muffin-like. (i.e. they didn't have the "doorstop" like quality that one would normally associate with muffins...)

They were good, but definitely needed something extra. Perhaps the zest of a lemon wouldn't be remiss?

In the other corner, we have a sweet berry fougasse.

Focaccia dough was allowed to develop over the course of a couple of days - allowing the flavor of the dough to deepen.

A healthy helping of blueberries were pressed into the silky dough. (I substitued two cups of high gluten flour for all-purpose in order to add a little extra chew to the crust.)

It was topped with a brown sugar, butter and spice-laced struesel and thrown into a hot oven (at 5:30 in the morning...) and baked until golden.

The hardest part was waiting for it to cool.

So which recipe won this week's blueberry challenge in our house?

Definitely the fougasse. As good as they were, the muffins just didn't stand a chance.

Peace out.

This post participates in Tuesdays with Dorie. The recipe for the sweet berry fougasse can be found here.


  1. Yes, the fougasse all the way! I need to make it some day. I absolutely adore focaccia, and with berries it sounds like a great combination. Have a great week Cher!

  2. Yeah, I may have to backtrack and make the fougasse! It looks fantastic!

  3. I only made the muffins. So the fougasse was better? I have some blueberries in the freezer. Maybe I'll try it this weekend.

  4. I'll make the fougasse soon! It looks so good. I chose the quick recipe this week. :)

  5. Cher, you actually found the time to make both - I only made the sweet fougasse - yours looks wonderful and so do the blueberry muffins! I like fougasse quite a bit and I really enjoy this sweet version. But the Blueberry Muffin recipe also sounds nice, maybe a recipe to try in the near future.
    Have a nice Tuesday!

  6. couldn't do it! the idea of berries in bread did not sing to me, at least not sweet berries! glad to hear it ended up tasting good and yours looks pretty tasty!

  7. aha! I did the muffins and not the fougasse and am inspired by your comments! I also thought the muffins were missing something, but had a delightful crumb. I may just have to work that fougasse into my craziness as well! thanks!

  8. Your fougasse sounds delish! I went the muffin route. They were good.

  9. I adore your berries in this!
    And I haven't had fougasse before, and would love to try it :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. Great post. I wanted to do both recipes, but time wasn't on my side. I definitely need to try the fougasse now. I loved the muffins (added lemon zest to mine).

  11. Will have to try fougasse in the near future! Muffins were definitely more "meh" than "wow".

  12. Great post! I will definitely have to try the fougasse now. I made the muffins and really liked them, and added the zest of a lemon.

  13. I'm impressed you made both! Making the fougasse was enough for me. We really liked the fougasse too!

  14. So impressed you found time to make both! I made the fougasse and that was enough for one weekend for me. We liked the sweet fougasse despite some mishaps, it was a tasty snack!

  15. I’m impressed you made both, Cher! No TWD right now for husband is on south beach. I’m kind of on a moratorium from baking for a few weeks!
    I’m looking forward to making the fougasse! Actually, I think both look like winners!

  16. We're in agreement this week! I'm jealous of your 2 quarts of frozen blueberries.

  17. Yum! Both dishes look great. I would have picked the muffins, but I haven't tried the fougasse.

  18. fugasse looks good. I've been a total slacker this month, but perhaps I'll backtrack for this one! thanks for sharing.

  19. Look at you, look at them! You made them both! Wow!
    I've fallen in love with your "flowered muffin liner", it's totally cute.
    I wish I'd made the fougasse as well, but ahiahi, no time!

  20. Craving one or both of these now for dessert and for sure for breakfast. Following your Dorie photos from the weekend and I hope you have a blast, Cher!


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