Tuesdays with Dorie BWJ: Espresso Protiferoles

When I was a wee Cher, every once in a while my mom would talk my dad into picking up a box of Freihofer's éclairs.

They were absolutely perfect (at least to my child's brain). An eggy shell filled with vanilla cream and a thick chocolate ribbon on top.

Sadly, Freihofer's has since been bought out by and other chain and I don't think they make éclairs any more (although, they still make those oh-so-chewy chocolate chip cookies that I can't keep around or I'll eat them all...)

At least I have my memories.

What I didn't know back then was that an éclair was a variation on protiferoles.

Okay, let's back up again - back then, I didn't even know what the heck a protiferole was, let alone its relation to an éclair.

I think it was The Ina that finally clued me in somewhere along the way.

This weeks Tuesdays with Dorie recipe had us making an "adult" version of protiferoles. Instead of the traditional plain pate a choux filled with vanilla cream, we made espresso flavored puffs and filled them with ice cream (I used coffee gelato).

Like the traditional protiferole, these received a healthy topping of chocolate - however, this version was "adultified" with a hint of Cointreau to give it a subtle orange essence.

These were tasty enough, but I really had a hard time wrapping my brain around the whole "sticking ice cream in the cream puffs deal". It's one of those things that I just couldn't get over. The not so appealing color of the choux dough didn't help either.

I think it was easier to eat this dessert if you didn't have to make the components... Just saying.

I am sure there is something else clever or witty to say here, but my poor getting-ready-to-go-on-vacation brain just isn't finding the words.

So, on that note...

Peace out.

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  1. Going on holiday - lucky you! Have loads of fun!

    My profiteroles turned out to be a bit of an adventure.

  2. Actually ice cream in cream puffs is something you do see a lot in Paris. I am super impressed you followed this recipe to a T, Cher :) Enjoy your time away (jealous!)

  3. Perfect puffs, Cher. It was an odd combo of flavors, but even Bill thought they were OK. See you soon!!!

  4. Ice cream filled puffs were the thing to eat in a restaurant many years ago here. I just never cared much for them. But they look wonderful Cher! Still, I would be eating the ice cream you have there from the container...

  5. I've never made cream puffs or profiteroles before, but I agree, I always thought that pastry cream was the filling of choice! :)

    Have a great vacation!

  6. Your profiteroles looks great! I didn't get a chance to make them, but do want to try them.

  7. I think I am on the ice cream side of things, but I did grow up with huge cream puffs at the Wisconsin State Fair and those are hard to beat.....

  8. Nice looking profiteroles! I used pastry in mine, guess I'm just a traditionalist at heart. Enjoy your holiday!

  9. You've made me crave the deli eclairs I used to love as a child. I may need to go pick some up...Have a great vacation!

  10. Your profiteroles look great! I liked them with the ice cream, but I do enjoy them more with pastry cream. Enjoy your vacation!

  11. oh the ice-cream was such a mess for me.. its still really hot out here.. switched over to chocolate cream!! and I didn't quite taste the coffee too much.. maye I didn't go with a strong one in the first place. wasn't the recipe much easier than I thought it would be?!


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