At least this worked out... (Tuesdays with Dorie BwJ: Danish Braid)

I mentioned in my last post that I felt as if Loki was in cohorts with the Universe to wreak chaos in my world.

Real talk - that kind of crazy is still running rampant around here, folks.

Like waking up at 5:15 on a Monday morning (as if Monday mornings aren't rough enough already), stepping out of bed and realizing the bedroom floor is soaking wet because a few of the tubes in the water bed decided to spring a leak.

That. Was. A. Rude. Awakening.

I think The Dude might have been suspicious that I caused the leak in order to force the issue of a new mattress (I have been wanting one for a while now...) But I think if he truly believed that, he would be forgetting two major things about me: 1) I don't make major purchases without thinking it to death (so I would not cause anything that would result in a rushed decision making process) and 2) why the heck would I do that to myself on a Monday morning?


Mattress shopping was an eye opener. Between navigating through the gadzillion choices, the sticker shock that ensues once you have made your decision and negotiating when they can deliver to you - it is enough to drive the less stalwart insane.

One thing I did learn - when the salesman tells you that it is going to take two weeks to get there and you tell them "no thanks, I'll go somewhere else with better stock" they have this magical ability to produce stock out of thin air. Hey - she would have felt the same way if she was the one sleeping on the couch...

I should be returning to normal sleeping accommodations on Thursday - and I am sure my disposition will greatly improve right about the same time...

Given the string of insanity that has been my world, I was a little worried about executing this week's Tuesdays with Dorie recipe (visions of oven fires from leaking filling were dancing in my head). I have made Danish braids before; but when it feels like so many things are going haywire around me, I seem to lose my ability to accomplish even the most simple of tasks.

Fortunately, bread making is therapy.

Dry good and butter slightly processed. Gently stir in the liquids. Refrigerate the dough. Roll. Fold. Roll. Fold. Roll. Fold. Roll. Fill. Shape & braid. Wash. Bake.

With each milestone completed, the task at hand become less intimidating and the final outcome felt more plausible.

Since I needed a bit of sunshine in my world, I filled the loaf with a cream cheese based filling and lemon curd - inspired by this recipe. (P.S. If you want a simpler version of a braided loaf, I highly recommend giving this one by King Arthur Flour a shot...)

Instead of an egg wash, I brushed the dough with some milk and sprinkled coarse sugar over top for that "crunch" factor. The coffee glaze recommended in the book didn't feel like a fit with the lemon curd, so a simple milk/ confectioners sugar mixture was drizzled over top.

The lemon, cream cheese and drizzle all worked together to meet my expectations of what a braided loaf should be.

Things are looking up.

Peace out.

This post participates in Tuesdays with Dorie - where a group of home cooks is baking their way through Baking with Julia.


  1. rough start to your week! at least that braid behaved itself-hope the rest of your week is uneventful and dry!!!

  2. Wow Cher - you really deserved this pastry making therapy this week! BTW, I linked to your gorgeous pictures in my post (i.e. showing people how things should have been done re: the "braiding")

  3. emon curd and cream cheese really sound extremely good for this! and for the good times it is like with the bad times: once something goes right, other things follow the trend!

  4. Congrats on surviving mattress shopping! It is a total racket, I think. Lemon curd and cream cheese sounds fantastic! I hope you r week gets better from here!

  5. Yum, lemon curd! Great idea. And it looks wonderful. Hope your week gets better!

  6. What is with water not behaving this month? Lovely braid, though. You bake well under pressure. :)

  7. Glad to hear that things are looking up! And what's better than a new mattress and a yummy looking Danish Braid? Maybe next time breakfast will be in bed :)

  8. Lemon curd, huh? What a good idea. Will try that out with the rest of my dough.
    Great end product (even if the week was stressful).

  9. oh no--glad you had some bread therapy to relax you. looks like a delicious Danish came out of that.

  10. At least you made it. I had to skip yet another TwD week.

  11. What an awful day... hope you are sleeping in a great new bed tonight!

  12. Bread making IS therapy. Your loaf is beautiful. Loved this post.

  13. Beautiful. I hooe you get a good night's sleep tonight.

  14. Lemon curd---brilliant!! I love tart and sweet together.

    Sleep well tonight on your new mattress! :)

  15. Cher, a cream cheese filling and lemon curd sound wonderful as fillings for your lovlely Danish Braid! Delicious choices and pretty presentation!
    P.S.: Did you receive a nice present/souvenir from Berlin?

  16. Mattress shopping is the worst! We purchased a new bed a few years ago - today it sucks; and they are so friggin' expensive! Happy to hear that your danish turned out. I really enjoyed this recipe. Looking forward to making more with the extra dough in the fridge.

  17. The braid came out wonderful Cher, and lemon curd, what a great idea! I have some passionfruit curd still in the fridge, and it needs to be used.
    Mattresses! they look so innocent and are nothing but. But sleeping in a new one makes it all worth it.

  18. Cream cheese and lemon curd??? I definitely approve! YUM!


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