Not so linear (French Fridays with Dorie: Hurry up and Wait Roast Chicken)

I have a quirk.

Okay, I have lots of quirks; but we'll limit it to one particular quirk this morning...

Sometimes, I look at a recipe and it reminds me of a person. There is something about the essence of some recipes that meshes with the characteristics of a person.

Some of the associations make sense (I was with cousin "Rhonda" the first time I had XYZ); some of them absolutely make no sense at all (i.e. I've made the association through some warped form of Cher logic).

Yes, it's true. My logic is not alway linear.

When Culinary Kid was first born, we called her a bagel. Pretty much because her head was round and fat. These days, I would probably place her in the souffle category - a bit fussy, somewhat unpredictable, but worth the effort.

I can't think of my dad without thinking of popcorn - but that is probably because he made so much of it while I was growing up.

Runner Girl would be a croissant. Multi-layered with a whole lot of goodness inside. I will let the comparisons stop before we get to the flaky part...

If I had to pick one dish from Around My French Table that represented me, it would probably be the Hurry and Wait Roast Chicken. Which is odd, considering my very strong aversion to whole, uncooked chickens...

One thing that I have come to understand myself is that I am not a plodder - sitting and working on a task a little at a time is not my thing. Projects start with a flurry of activity. Then I let them sit and wait until I am ready to resume the next round - at which point, I am content to space out completion of the finishing touches. Making sure that I am well within ability to meet the deadline - knowing that I have the option to finish early if circumstances dictate.

This is the type of dish where there is a bunch of hustle and bustle on the front end. Trussing up the bird. Seasoning it with salt and pepper and oiling it. Figuring out how to balance it on its side. Waiting for the oven to heat up to 450F. Wait 25 minutes. Figure out how to turn a hot, oily bird inside a dangerously hot pan on to its other side. Wait another 25 minutes. Flip it on its back. Cook another 10-20 minutes. Is it done yet? Yes, but no. Next it has to be up-ended and given a rest - while your starving audience waits, again.

The results of all this hustle and bustle? A tender juicy bird that will make your family forgive you for serving dinner at 7:00 on a Sunday evening...

Peace out.

This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie, where a group of home cooks is cooking & baking their way through Dorie Greenspan's Around My French Table.
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  1. Dinner before 9:00 is uncivilized.:-)


  2. What a wonderful post in addition to a good review of this recipe. Reminds me of your Post following the IFBC regarding all the FFWD colleagues you met. I will probably spend the day attaching food products to my family and friends. It's enough that all of them have had to buy into my "food blogging" career, support it with enthusiasm and have their pictures taken at the drop of a hat, but now they are to become food??? Oh, Cher, you've started something. Your chicken looks delicious. Well, all our chickens look delicious. As hard as the chicken worked during the cooking process with all its gymnastics, it should be good!

  3. Looks good. I'm having to wait till early next week to try this myself.

  4. Looks delish…Cher! This one was a winner for sure in my house! There was some hustle and bustle, but it paid off in the end! Have a great weekend!

  5. Oh Cher I wouldn't think of you as being "fussy" which is what I thought of this recipe ;)

  6. I'd be the flaky one if my family started comparing me to foods :) Your chicken looks perfect!

  7. Hmm, great post. Here I sit now wondering what kind of recipe would fit my personality. I'd like to think that I'm like a chocolate mousse, simple yet elegant. But that would be a LIE :-)

  8. LOL - when you described why this dish reminds you of you, the same description reminded me of me! I'd forgotten about your aversion to whole chickens. You did well!

  9. I love reading your posts Cher, there's a mix of unpretentious great writing style with daily life that is refreshing. And that bird! I need to make it after all I'm reading about it. Who knew I'd be eager to try roasting a chicken?!

  10. Cher, I love your posts and how you relate in the creative linear line of thinking. oh, I kind of also relate to your hurry up and wait on deadlines - I do that all the time, and sometimes get too many projects at once going. And, thank goodness I saw your Instagram on this or I would have made the soup. Apparently I read the schedule incorrectly, which surprised no one in my house, not even the pups.

  11. Enjoyed your post and that roast is FAB, all is forgiven!

  12. Dear Cher, I absolutely loved reading this post of yours - actaully I am always in awe of your writing, always! So I love coming here for a wonderful read , great pictures and some good laughs.
    Thank you!
    Oh, yes, your Roast Chicken looks delicious (I am making two more tomorrow, seems like the family cannot get enough of these...)
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  13. What a fabulous post! Loved it!! Great descriptions - of course, we'll all be thinking of those food associations all day! Glad you liked the chicken. It was a bit too much fiddling for me, but oh well - easy enough! Only an hour, not 3 days!

  14. I love how you associate different foods with the important people in your life. I hope Runner Girl didn't roll her eyes too much at her buttery counterpart!

    Beautiful chicken, and yes, totally worth the wait!

  15. Also deeming this post "fabulous". With two teenagers myself, I dare not share my food associations re: their personalities - but I greatly enjoyed yours ! You also got some serious color to that bird. Yummy :)

  16. I smiled through your whole post. I don't even know the people, but having met you, I thought you comparing people to food made sense. I also wondered whether you're doing better with those whole raw chickens. You didn't go there this time around. I'm glad this recipe worked out so well, especially since it's your food doppelganger!

  17. My goal every Sunday is to serve dinner at 7. 8 is still considered good. By 9 we're usually pretty unhappy. The week it was pushing 10 was bad :-)

  18. Well done, Cher! Good sized chicken you've got there -- and the spoon out the back -- ha! (Although that probably works a lot better for most than "a bowl"...huh? My bowl kept sliding around, so my chickie's headstand looks a bit more like a plank. I can relate.)

  19. I love the comparisons you made. It's making me think of food equivalents for the people in my life. Hmm. That could get dangerous. I really enjoyed this recipe, even with the fussiness of the turns.


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