O, Punctuation! (French Fridays with Dorie: Salty-Sweet Potato Far)

O, Punctuation.

How you screw with my head.

But, without you, language would be dead.

A misplaced comma

Can cause so much drama.

A thoughtless dash -

Turns the best laid plans of mice and men to hash.

O, Punctuation!

Salty-sweet potato far?

Or salty sweet-potato far?

The eye misplaced a single dash

And my culinary hopes did crash.

Instead of certain yellow tuber.

This recipe called for a spud - I felt like a goober.

Potato and raisin?

This, combination I was not craving.

O, Punctuation!

Those dried fruits? I left them out.

This dish, it wasn't anything to shout...about.

It is myself I blame,

Not an author of certain fame.

When one changes a recipe,

One must accept what it to be.

A misread led to my disappointment,

So, time to move on to a new appointment.

O, Punctuation!

Sigh. This is a dish that I went into with totally different expectations. I was expecting some kind of sweet potato kugel hash - not a prune raisin potato mash. I found the dish a little bland, but I take responsibility for that because I left out the dried fruit. In the end, I really just wanted to lace this with cheese and throw some hot sauce on it.
Oh well...  Next up - sugar crusted French toast. I'm not feeling it, but keeping an open mind.
Stay tuned!
Peace out. XO
P.S. If you are celebrating Thanksgiving next week - have a great holiday. And be safe!!!
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  1. See now with sweet potato (and CHEESE!) that might have been ok. I think we were all a little disappointed :(

  2. Sweet potatoes might have improved this one! I love your dish, though...and your poetry.

  3. Nope, this one didn't deliver, with or without dried fruit (which I personally love).

  4. Well your poetry was much more interesting than the dish.

  5. I thought this included sweet potatoes, too! I actually thought it sounded ok with sweet potatoes and prunes. Yours does look good…sorry it was a disappointment!
    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Joe and the girls!

  6. I made one with and one without prunes. With prunes wasn't an improvement. Neither was with cheese. Plus the leftovers turned out to be a big gluey blob. A big disappointment all around. Have you read "Eats, Shoots, and Leaves"? Have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!

  7. Love your poem in the blog post, but far from loving the dish!

  8. I am sitting (gingerly) at my computer reading your Post. Now, admittedly, I am drinking a scotch-on-the-rocks because it's been a very rocky week since my fall on the ice. Both my pride and my tailbone took a hit! But your poem reeks of Byron, Tennyson, or, at the very least, Frost. (Didn't I say I was drinking?) I wasn't put off by the "far" but, because of my fall and knew sweet potatoes weren't involved but I just couldn't get it made. I give you kudos for trying but think it's one I won't return to make. Happy Thanksgiving to you, Joe, and the Culinary Kid and is your other daughter returning for the holidays? One of the things I will be thankful for on Thanksgiving was an opportunity to meet all my FFWD colleagues and their mates. Meeting you and Joe was a real treat.Thank you for making the effort to come to Seattle.

  9. Happy Thanksgiving, Cher! Yeah, I wasn't feeling this one, either...and glad I had an excuse to skip. Sorry, Dorie!

  10. In my case the far accounts for being absent for weeks! Potato or sweet potato, the raisins are a deal braker for many, so we'll let this one pass... You always bring out a chuckle with your writing, which is great no matter how the recipe turns out Cher!

  11. That poem was priceless. Bonus points indeed- I am truly impressed !! I had not thought about sweet potatoes on this one but boy does that combo sound interesting. Yes, I ended up the outlier on this one but I think it is also because the version I wolfed down (ate like half the dish the first day....) was the one that was cauliflower. I only did a taste tester spoonful of the potato one and it struck me just as "more breadlike". I guess that equated to dry for most folks. My younger son said the cauliflower far tasted more like a souffle. Regardless, never a dull moment and the highlight was the sweet of the fruit so that helped the cause. Happiest of Turkey Day's to you and yours. We are up in Vermont (with Nana) and will be shuttling back and forth to Boston and then hurrying to PA to get son #2 back to school. I imagine the holiday will resemble a Chevy Chase "Vacation" movie.....but then that is half the fun !!

  12. LOL cheese seems to be the overall theme - you didnt try putting some fruit in a corner of it or something? :)

    At least yours turned out! mine burnt... :(

  13. Some poems for posts
    fall short of their potential.
    This one hits the mark.

  14. I made the same mistake! I was very disappointed when I realized this wasn't sweet potatoes. I even had some from my CSA that I was hoping to use. This was definitely a disappointment - I don't think the raisins/prunes improved things much. Hopefully the french toast will be better. Happy Thanksgiving!

  15. Happy Thanksgiving my friend :D
    Your poem was so much nicer than the sound of this dish!


  16. So ooey, gooey and decadent. Love it! :)

  17. Same thing here - I was kind excited about "sweet-potato far" and have even been saving a few to put to use. Ha! You know of my surprise when I finally got around to making it today for lunch. (Missed Fri due to unexpected ER turned hospital stay for hubby - he's out now and appetite must be a bit off due to the starvation diet...he liked it! (Me...I like Mardi's word...stodgy.)

  18. I'm not sure if I would love this recipe but it sounds interesting!

  19. Prunes, raisins & potatoes? Erg, I would've had to skip that one [raisins ... shiver] Hot sauce and cheese on potatoes? Now *that* I can get behind. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  20. Love the poem - an ode to punctuation is needed these days. I used prunes, skipped the raisins, and added cheese. Still not a hit. I knew I'd run into a potato dish I didn't like someday.


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