The morning after (French Fridays with Dorie: Sugar Crusted French Toast)

I am pretty sure if there were an award for "home cook with the most erratic kitchen mood swings", I could be a strong contender.

Periods of insane and relatively over the top kitchen activity can be followed by days of well, the total opposite.

The day after whipping out seven hundred and ninety three food projects is probably going to be followed by a day where breakfast, lunch and dinner subsist of crackers and cheese or toast with - well, nothing, because I don't feel like pulling that jar of jelly out of the refrigerator.

Days where I don't even want to think about pulling a pan out of the cupboard, let alone actually doing so.

I am kind of feeling that way today.

Fortunately, there was some yogurt in the refrigerator for breakfast. Lunch consisted of Combos. (Yes, I hang my head in shame). And I am so getting The Dude to take us out to dinner tonight. (He was smart enough to make the suggestion - I think he knows the drill...)

I don't mind the hustle while I am in the middle of it and I love seeing it all come together; but when it's all over, well, I'm over...

Fortunately, I made this week's French Fridays recipe LAST weekend while I was in the middle of a pre-Thanksgiving baking frenzy.

Fresh challah was in the house (Yes, I KNOW you're supposed to use stale bread; but darn it, I had fresh homemade challah in the house). I had the eight dozen eggs and seventy five cups of heavy cream that this recipe seemed to require. Sugar? Of course, there was sugar.

There isn't much to say about this - it's French toast, for Pete's sake. Except for the step of sprinkling sugar in the pan to encourage the crispy sugar crust, it was exactly what I kind of expected.

I remember really liking this - and the leftovers heated up very nicely in a low oven. However, my post-holiday food malaise has settled in and I have no grand words to express those feelings. Plus, the peeps are waiting for me to finish this post so that we can head out to Albany to hit the stores.


Have a great weekend all.

Peace out.

Thanksgiving dessert buffet :-)

This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie. If you're craving some breakfast now, a similar version can be found here on the Bon Appetit site.


  1. Yum all around- the French Toast and that holiday dessert buffet. God I loved this recipe but of course, as you stated - it had 8 dozen eggs, the cream and sugar. I kept saying that unless I started a kitchen fire while making it....there was no way it could be a fail. I just didn't think that the crust on the outside would make such a difference. And bonus points for that homemade challah. I will also vote for a meal of Combos...just as soon as my tummy is no longer distended from the holiday meal :)

  2. Yeah, I think we're all still in a carb coma! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving (from the look of your dessert buffet, I know you did!)...and glad you enjoyed this one, too.

  3. Ha! I'm with you, "it's french toast, for Pete's sake"! :)

  4. Hahaha! There really ISN'T much to say about this is there? I enjoyed following along your T'giving meal yesterday. Wish I had been there! Happy holiday weekend!

  5. Homemade challah - that's impressive! I bought cheap white Viennese loaf, the rest of which is now living in the freezer.

  6. Good planning ahead! Good colors in your french toast. Hope you had a great BF of shopping done!

  7. I can relate to your post-holiday-cooking malaise, though I wasn't in charge this year, so only made a few things at a sane pace... Seemed like you were on overdrive. This must have been excellent French toast with homemade challah. My favorite part was the crispy sugar coating, but you are right, it's just French toast... I am thankful to have met you and the other Doristas in Seattle this fall. It made my virtual/cyber friends become real ones.Hope your Thanksgiving was enjoyable and that you feel like cooking again soon.

  8. love that you used the fresh challah. Who has time to wait for bread to get stale? ;)

  9. The post thanksgiving comatose state regarding food and the kitchen is to be expected, so relax. You're fun to read Cher! Hope you're not in a black friday coma today!

  10. Love the Thanksgiving dessert buffet. The French toast looks delicious.

  11. Hi Cher! Lucky you with home baked challah in the house for your french toast, may I say yum-I would like this for dinner! Loving the goodies you've been posting on IG-keep up the amazing cooking and sharing, thanks ;)

  12. Cher, first of all your dessert buffet for Thanksgivong looks wonderful and secondly, I am toatally jealous about that picture perfect Challah that you baked - I still have to try and fit it into my schedule for tomorrow´s TwD. And I would have chosen fresh homemade too if given the choice. Delicious!

  13. I would have used the challah too for the french toast, stale or not doesn't matter in my world. ^.^ I absolutely know how you feel I have the same habit of cooking like a mad cow one day and then not even getting up to get the jar of jam.

  14. Hope your Thanksgiving was great, your dessert buffet looks fantastic.
    I enjoyed being a taster this week and let Tricia do all the work. The french toast was delicious and I will try it myself soon. Have a great
    week and looking forward to making the cookies for this week, like we really need more cookies.

  15. Quite honestly, that challah looks toooo beautiful and perfect to be abused and fried with butter. But, one has to do what one has to do. Just looking at your middle picture makes me want to make this French toast a Sunday tradition. I thought it was delicious but so was my Mom's and half the work. And who always has heavy cream on hand. The 8 dozen eggs, yes. But, cream and whole milk, no. I see the three cheese platters, and suspect those are Hershey Kisses Cookies but what is the white cake with the red sauce? It all looks good. Your family is lucky that you always show your love by making them wonderful food. You're allowed Time Outs - especially after Thanksgiving.

    1. Those are sweet potato cheesecake bars with praline topping. The "white thing" is a couer a la creme. Have to make sure I get use out of that mold I bought :-)

  16. I’m really impressed that you had time during the busy holidays to make your own Challah, debone a turkey and put on a fabulous spread! The French toast was incredible and was a big hit with us! Yours looks perfect! Hope your Thanksgiving was a great one, Cher!

  17. I'm the same way there are days that I just can't stop baking and days where I just can't even think about it hahaha, the challah looks amazing!!

  18. I can see why you were a little over the whole idea of cooking/baking by the time you wrote this post - that dessert table alone was a lot of effort - looks fantastic! I really enjoyed this French toast (especially the sugar crust), but it's not something I'd ever make often.


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