Ho hum, the job is done (Tuesdays with Dorie BwJ: Gingersnaps)

Reading the P's & Q's this week, I was a little nervous going into this week's Tuesdays with Dorie.

Cookie making and I are not friends - especially the "roll out, transfer to a sheet and expect them to look pretty kind". I am pretty darn sure I've whined about making cookies enough times that everyone gets that about me by now...

Rustic is usually how I roll.

So, when everyone started talking about sticky, wet dough it sure kind of freaked me out....

Frankly, I think that healthy fear and all those warning went a long way toward my success this week.

1) I refrigerated the dough overnight and 2) I floured the heck out of the dough when I rolled it out (figuring that the glaze would take care of the dough).

And do you know what? Things went smoothly. It was almost a non-experience. I was happy for the small dough size (so many of the recipes in this book seem like they are meant to feed a small army).

I really like gingersnaps and I was excited to give these a try. They were okay, but did not have the kick that I would have expected. They needed a little more ginger and a whole lot more snap - but please note that did not stop anyone from indulging...

Just saying.

This post participates in Tuesdays with Dorie. The recipe for gingersnaps can be found here. The recipe for the peanut butter blossoms shown above can be found here.


  1. Yep. No flavor - no snap. But, oh, your kiss cookies look delicious! I think I will make some of those this year. :)

  2. Glad your family enjoyed these...and that you didn't pull your hair out making them!!!

  3. The rare times I make cookies they come out ugly as sin. So a non-experience is the best kind, imo

  4. Yes, thank goodness we didn't end up with an army of these things! Not very impressive. Your kids cookies, on the other hand, yum! Those are a sure thing!

  5. Yes indeed, these needed a whole lot more snap! Well put!

  6. yeah, I've had better gingersnaps, too, but we also ate them all! I like the looks of what's next to them...chocolate kiss thumbprints??

  7. If you have the gingersnaps and the peanut butter blossoms beside one another, I will definitely reach for the blossoms. I am so glad that this recipe did not make a lot of cookies.

  8. We made a second batch with frosting and that made them a whole lot better!

  9. The blossoms look fantastic. It's too bad the gingersnaps weren't snappy enough.

  10. Not much snap for me either, but we liked them and gobbled them up anyway! :)

  11. Now I can't think about anything but peanut butter blossoms. I agree with you on the gingersnaps--they needed more ginger and more snap.


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