Yeah, well, about that... (French Fridays with Dorie: Almond-Orange Tuiles)

In case anyone hasn't figured it out by now, I am usually a bit of a freak about deadlines; late = 5 minutes early and all that. However, lately I feel like I am doing too many things just under-the-wire (or even, just past the wire).

French Fridays cooking is almost always done the weekend before - and when I am on top of my game, I try to get the month done in one weekend.

Not so much this weekend.

Rolling Pin of Shame...
As I whined about mentioned last week, my kitchen mojo came to a screeching halt the day after Thanksgiving and frankly, I don't have it back yet.

It was Wednesday night before I finally cracked open AMFT to look at the tuiles recipe - I am pretty sure my reluctance was partly fueled by the P's & Q's. Cookie making is my nemesis and a recipe riddled with execution challenges was sure to send me over the edge. The "don't go rogue" warnings that were directed my way did little to ease my reluctance. (Which tells me that perhaps the group is starting to know me a little too well.) Sigh.

But, Friday was fast approaching and I knew I had to just do this thing.

Fortunately, this was a project that could be broken into two days. Batter 'em up Wednesday night and bake them off Thursday. I thanked the baking sprites that the assembly part of this recipe went very quickly. (P.S. I went slightly rogue here - and ground up un-blanched almonds in my spice grinder instead of finely chopping blanched almonds).

Well, it's now 9:00 Thursday night and these are fresh out of the oven.

Well, everything went well up to the rolling part.
They looked pretty and lacy on the pan when I pulled them out of the oven. I don't have "thin metal spatula", so I used a bench knife to pull them off the sheet.

Mmmm. Yeah. Not so much.

Since I am not one to hide the bad and the ugly, I will go ahead and share my cookie shame with you.

Maybe if I distract you with a pretty cake stand you won't notice what's sitting on top on them?

Did it work?

Culinary Kid said they tasted pretty good, so it wasn't a total fail.

And... I still have most of the batter in the refrigerator (I only baked up six) - so these are probably getting another shot over the weekend. Unless I decide to just eat the dough straight up out of the bowl and save myself the headache...

Just saying.

Have a great weekend, all.

Peace out. XOXO

This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie. Dorie talks about her Tuiles here.


  1. If its any comfort, yours look a lot better than mine. At least they're tasty.

  2. You did great given that its our first tuiles? I burnt most of mine!

  3. Those actually look like they are SUPPOSED to look like that. Really. Oh and who was telling you not to go rogue? ;) Seriously, I actually think getting them off the tray was the hardest part of the whole thing. Head on over to my blog to see my tray of shame (it's WAY worse than anything here!). I hope you get your mojo back soon XO

  4. Yes, they look fine.. glad to hear culinary kid liked the taste… I thought the flavor was wondeful.

  5. What's not lacy, tiny, elegant, and fragile about those tasty treats sitting on your very lovely cake platter. (Yes, I noticed.) Some of your lace is a bit "holier than thou" but, tucked into ice cream or under a dessert of some kind, they would be perfection. You're getting no sympathy from this colleague. I challenge the Culinary Kid to take a shot at this recipe with your leftover dough. (You're too old to abuse yourself with a second try, Cher. Trust me on that.) She might figure out how to get those little wonders off the tray. That's the part that almost drove me out to stick my head in a 6-foot snowbank. Marching on to chopped liver.....

  6. Cher, eat the dough and move on! That's my recommendation at least:) And that is indeed a lovely cake stand!

  7. Omg, Cher! I can't help myself, but laugh--in a kind way. I think those are worthy of gifting to someone.

  8. Rolling pin of shame....I love that!!! I had one of those, too. They were tasty, but for all that stress, not worth repeating!

  9. Everything looks better on a cake stand. I ate all the ones that looked like those so no one would see the truly ugly ones. Still this was way too hard. I'd say eat the batter to save yourself the head/heartache.

  10. You had me lol with the rolling pin of shame comment…you should have seen my cookie sheets of shame. Tuiles cemented onto my cookie sheet, that only overnight soaking removed!
    I was so frustrated that I went on line to see what I could find to help me…and I found parchment paper!! So last night, at 12 midnight I mixed up another batch and made them this morning. Those little French cookies were not taking me down…LOL!
    I do think yours came out lovely…use parchment with the second batch…you’ll be glad you did! Happy weekend, Cher!

  11. Yours look like mine! All good until shaping time ...

  12. If you try again (and don't if you don't want to!), try using parchment. That really helped me slide my cookies off solidly.

  13. So simple, and such a disaster. I had to soak the second batch to get them off the cookie sheet. I thought this would have been so easy, Ha! Have
    a great weekend.

  14. Now that this week is over, I can't wait to see your chopped "mushroom
    livers". Just finished preparing mine and you would have really been
    grossed out. Have a great week.

  15. Hi Cher! I'm worse than you Cher, I made the tuiles months ago, took all the photos and didn't post them!!! Does that make you feel better!?? Probably not ;-) They were good as I recall!

  16. You are BRILLIANT, I love the rolling pin of shame!

  17. Ha! Wondering what became of your leftover dough...did you bake again??

  18. I'm starting to feel better about my attempt at these, seeing that everyone else had some issues with them, too. Though, you all read the recipe, at least.


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