Ten Minutes (Tuesdays with Dorie BwJ: Chocolate Mascarpone Cheesecake)

This is the post that hasn't been writing itself for four days.

Tuesday has now turned into Wednesday, so I am giving myself ten minutes to get this thing done.

Starting now...

Chocolate Mascarpone Cheesecake
(prior to flipping over)

A cheesecake for Tuesday what was on the plan,
Not just any cheesecake, but one with no crust in the pan.

Chocolate and cream cheese and one big surprise,
Mascarpone was the secret ingredient that appeared before my eyes.

I chopped and I stirred, attacked with a whip.
There was one part of the instructions that almost caused me to trip.

As I mentioned before, the crust was left undone.
What? Wait until the cake is baked before we add one?

The cake was left to cool. A bunch of cookies were crushed.
I flipped the pan over and now it was time to fuss.

The crushed up cookies were then pressed into the cheesecake.
It was now my opportunity, to make a mistake.

It went down with out a err.
I wish life was always so fair.

Pictures... I forgot; but I still call it a win.
At least, that is what I think it meant when I saw The Eater's grin.

Okay, we're at six minutes into the ten so, I am calling it a wrap!

Happy Wednesday.

Peace Out. XOXO

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  1. I never flipped my cheesecake…I put the crumbs on the bottom of the pan before I poured the batter in! I was worried it would flop…and I wasn’t taking any chances! This was one good cheesecake!
    Love your poem…and your cheesecake….so glad it was a hit at your house!

  2. You're good Cher! I seem to have let TWD slip - I simply don't have the time and it's too many baked goods even for both of our work colleagues to handle!

  3. I love your poems! So clever! Glad this was a hit for you. It was for me as well!

  4. Can't believe you wrote that in less than 10! Nice work and nicely done cake. I flipped and forgot to take a picture as well.

  5. I had some troubles flipping the cake upside down, so it was one of the reasons I dust it with cocoa powder!!!
    But if it's a winner, all is right!!!

  6. Your posts are always amazing, Cher. So much fun to read. :) There was no way I was going to do "the flip" with this one. Kudos!

  7. Very impressive 6 minute poem! My flip was only partially successful. I was definitely glad I was alone in the kitchen.

  8. I do that too - give myself a time limit to whip out a post! I helps me when I am otherwise uninspired.


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