Stuff (French Fridays with Dorie: Scallop and Onion Tartes Fines)


Whenever someone asks one of my girls what is going on, the answer is usually "stuff".

When I emptied out the contents of my spare room into my dining room this past week, I realized that I had just signed myself up for the chore of going through a lot of "stuff".

What is this mysterious word "stuff" and why does it seem to creep into every aspect of our world?

In a literal sense, "stuff" is defined as "matter, material, articles, or activities of a specified or indeterminate kind that are being referred to, indicated, or implied."

Well, that sure clears things up...

This week's French Fridays with Dorie recipe was another example of "stuff" - instead of "stuff on toast", we had "stuff on puff pastry" (which is kind of the same thing in my book).

Caramelized onions, pancetta and scallops were piled onto pre-baked puff pastry slices and sent into the oven for a few minutes to take the "raw" out of the scallops.

It was a delicious, if somewhat unwieldy, treat to eat.

Now, the real kicker for me was the realization that the only thing I had to purchase to make this was the scallops. Puff pastry, onion and pancetta were already hanging out in the fridge/ freezer. I am pretty sure that this would not have been the case in my pre-AMFT days. (Well, the onion would probably still have been hanging out in there.)

I am also pretty sure that I would not have had sel gris, Aleppo pepper, white pepper or creme fraiche on my list of kitchen "staples" either. Just saying...

Happy Spring to my friends in the Northern Hemisphere. Despite the fresh layer of snow coating the ground, I am convinced that milder weather will be soon upon us. I can see over the snow banks lining the driveway now, surely that is a sign brighter days. Those short sleeved shirts and sandals will be in my future... eventually.

Peace out. XOXO

This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie. A posted version of the recipe can be found here.


  1. Cher mine were about the same size - not sure why we had such trouble eating them. And really, you think Spring is on the way. Ok then, if you say so...

    1. No, I really don't think Spring is on the way; but I am deciding to put positive vibes out into the Universe in the hopes that maybe it might help swing things in our favor. (We're expecting single digit temperatures again...)

  2. Yes on all counts. Stuff, spring and Dorie ingredients. While I still fear another snowfall (or two) I am counting on the fact that the clock has moved forward and Spring is here, weather be damned. The end must be in sight. This recipe was a hit in my house but I will spare how it looked when being consumed by the taste testers. I did hand them both a fork and knife, then secretly was glad that I had already taken the "glamour shots". Live and let live.

  3. We weren't big fans of this one. The one thing I have no idea what to do with is the great big bottle of rose syrup hanging out in my pantry...
    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Too funny, we really are on the same wavelength this week. White pepper is another good one and I like your idea to make little mini tarts. Somehow making them smaller also makes them look far fancier.

  5. Those short sleeved shirts and sandals might have a bit of a wait this year!
    I only needed the scallops for this recipe, too! Funny how our pantries have grown! Your the first person I’ve read so far that enjoyed these…I thought they were quite good, and believe it or not so did Bill! I did have to tweak it for him! Have a good weekend, Cher!

  6. I wonder if Bill would have tried these had I called them "stuff on pastry?" Probably now....I can't pull much over on him these days! Your look terrific!

  7. Did you and Rose copy each other this week? At least the musings, not your feelings about the dish. Those are good-looking stuff of puff pastry! I seared my scallops as I wasn't interested in raw-ish scallops. Well, spring showed itself for the first day of spring yesterday, but it went back into hiding again. I'm channeling those same positive vibes for a real springtime. I am so ready. We deserve it after the winter we had.

  8. Cher dear, puff pastry is just fancy toast. Scallops are fancy stuff indeed.

  9. You and Rose were on the same page this week! It's true, I think all our pantries, freezers, and refrigerators have enhanced staples courtesy of this group.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the dish - your mini ones look lovely! And here's to spring hastening a little bit on its way to you.

  10. Fancy expensive stuff on puffed pastry toast... LOL.

  11. Your dish looks great. I'm happy that you enjoyed it! I didn't get to the recipe this week, though I agree, we do all have lots of different items in the pantry that we wouldn't have before. Hope your weekend is fantastic!

  12. I like the validation that stuff on toast/pastry is a legitimate meal, going either way in the bare-bones to fancy continuum.

    I have the biggest cravings for shrimp and grits now.

  13. These turned out a lot better than expected, but onions and bacon are
    a great combo. I love that green platter with the tarts, so pretty.

  14. Glad you enjoyed these Cher. I am a bad Dorista - if I don't have the right pepper, I just use what I have. So still no white pepper in my house!

  15. Cher, what a very nice presentation on your green platter - after all, green is a spring color isn´t it?! And, yes, spring will be there soon, despite the snow. We are just lucky, I guess, we have had so much sunshine and flowers already...maybe we will have a deadful summer then...onto your tartes fines, I like the bite sized version quite a bit this week and your are fabulous looking too!
    Well done!
    Hope your girls are doing great!
    Have a nice Sunday!

  16. I'm in the process of moving stuff from our spare bedroom into the living much stuff. We're having a garage sale in a couple months, so hopefully we will soon have less stuff.

  17. Last night I heard that more snow was coming your way. I just want you to know that I stand in symnpathy with all my Sisters on the East Coast. Enough is enough although I salute your attempt at being optimistic. Wrong but optimistic. I am happy this is the last de-puffing process in AMFT. It just seems wrong on all levels. I think this should have been small bites with the onion-bacon mixture (you could stop right there) or with a shrimp or slice of scallop or melted cheese as someone suggested. All kinds of stuff!!!

  18. I am very, very ready for spring. I can't believe it's supposed to snow again tomorrow. I like your comparison of these to stuff on toast. They're definitely similar, but puff pastry makes everything taste better!

  19. Stuff yes. I will be moving my stuff back to Athens in a few months and i am not at all looking forward to it! I would have gone for this recipe if there was not fancy seafood stuff on it ... oh well mabye next time :)

  20. LOL on the puff pastry. Filo dough, too, for me. Stuff is everywhere. I need to give my stuff away. But not the stuff on these pastries.

  21. These puffs are so adorable, delicious and I love onions in tarts :D
    it is so fancy as well!

    Choc Chip Uru


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