Two-fer (Tuesdays with Dorie BwJ: Cantuccini & Scallop and Pesto Purses)

Sometimes, things are meant to be in pairs.



Pieces of cake. (Well, at least in my world)

And occasionally, a couple of miss-matched Tuesdays with Dorie recipes.

One of the things I like about Baking with Julia is its ability to take us in diverse directions. One week we can be making the most complicated of desserts, the following week's choice can be utter simplicity.

Unfortunately, simple recipe doesn't mean simple write up....

Cantuccini: can you say biscotti by another name? These crunchy twice-baked cookies are great for snacking and dunking. Since the original recipe had a yield of 8 dozen cookies, I cut the recipe in 1/3. I like biscotti, but who needs 8 dozen hanging around? (I also traded the almonds out for cacao nibs and white chocolate wafers and added a little espresso powder - not traditional, but delicious). These could not be easier to make - the hardest part is stirring up the dough!

Scallop and Pesto Purses: The TWD fates blessed us with another simple, but elegant recipe. This time easy came in the form of an appetizer (and mostly from ingredients already hanging out in the freezer/ refrigerator). Here, sheets of buttered phyllo encase a pesto and scallion topped scallop. The phyllo is bundled up to form a "purse" and thrown into the oven for a brief bake. Easy and delicious.

Next up for the Tuesdays with Dorie crew is tropical napoleons - since egg whites are involved, I am pretty sure that the whole simple/ easy concept stops here. 

This post participates in Tuesdays with Dorie. Nick Maglieri's recipe for Cantuccini can be found here. Posted versions of scallop and pesto purses can be found here.


  1. I think you're right about the egg whites - probably not suggestive of an easy recipe. Your scallop and pesto purses look great.

  2. Weren't they good? And so simple! And they go perfectly with biscotti, right?

  3. Yes, I believe our next recipe will not be as simple as these two were…! The purses were easy weren't they; a nice surprise.

  4. I need to make up those scallop purses!! They look amazing!!!

  5. perhaps mismatched, but both easy and tasty! the next recipe will be awesome--no worries!

  6. Nicely done, on both fronts! I loved the simplicity and outcome of the cantuccni. The purses were easy and tasty as well (though I changed up the filling).

  7. Miss-matched or not, you still need to keep your record at 100% completed recipes :) Great looking biscotti and purses!


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