In Context (French Fridays with Dorie: Skate/ Haddock with capers, cornichons, and brown butter sauce)

Certain things can only be acceptable if taken in context.

For example, if I as a forty something year old woman utters the phrase "Last night on Pretty Little Liars...", it had better be because my 18 year-old daughter and her sister were watching it. Otherwise, that would be just wrong.

Likewise, telling your family that you are serving them fish topped with pickles is only okay if it is done in the context of French Fridays with Dorie.  I don't think I could get anyone to try it otherwise...

Just saying.
Tastier than it looks...

I really don't know what to say here. It sounds crazy, but it kind of worked.

White fish (no skate to be found, I used haddock) was dredged and given the brown butter treatment. While the fish was taking a rest, a simple pan sauce of sherry, butter and mustard was made. Capers and sliced cornichons (i.e. baby pickles) were stirred into the sauce.  The sauce was poured over the fish and voila. Dinner.

I was not 100% sold on the combination, but everyone else really liked it. I guess if I can hold my own in a Pretty Little Liars conversation, eating fish with pickles should be a no brainer, right???

Peace out.


This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie. Blogged versions of this week's recipe can be found here.


  1. I was definitely not sold on the need for the cornichons to be there but I did love the sauce, otherwise. And yes, I do eat fish from time to time. As long as it's plain and not too fishy-tasting, I'm good!

  2. I made this the other day, and omitted the cornichons. Then I used white wine instead of sherry. In the end, I think I made a picata sauce w mustard. Oops. Good, though.

  3. I thought this was pretty good. I did cut my pickles up a little smaller - I told myself it was like having a tartar sauce element! Happy that your crew liked it.

  4. This literally made me laugh out loud;-) My husband is calling from the other room to ask what's so funny. And it is so true, picked with fish (which I actually loved) only makes sense in the context of FFwD.

  5. I like your analogy. I did not get to make this one. I am not a fan of cornichons so I would leave them out.

  6. LOL! I think this one should be renamed Fish topped with Pickles. I'm glad that in context the family will try it.

  7. It actually worked for me! and he had his salmon-instead-of-ray-or-skate with none of the pickles with it!

  8. I actually made skate…I think I may have been the only one! Your dish looks great with the haddock…a perfect choice!

  9. I didn't tell anyone I was serving fish topped with pickles...I just served it. It worked much better than I expected!

  10. I was so surprised at how much I enjoyed this one. Haddock sounds like a great choice, too. As for Pretty Little Liars, I've managed to avoid that, though my nieces got me to read the Twilight series so they could discuss it with me. (They regretted it, for I had a rather severe opinion on the subject.)


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