Things that make me happy (Tuesdays with Dorie BWJ: Vanilla Pound Cake & Leaf-Shaped Fougasse)

It's summer here in the Northern Hemisphere.

There is something about summer that just makes me happy.

Even though I am sitting in a hotel room in Houston typing up meeting reports and it's 90-something degrees outside.

It's all good.

There are no hurricanes on the way. I survived the I-610/I-45 Interchange parking lot (and caught up on some podcasts at the same time). I ate a good dinner by myself. The final book in Deborah Harkness's All Souls Trilogy downloaded to my Kindle this morning. And I know that when I return home later this week, the temperatures will be 20 degrees cooler (but it won't be freezing!).

Yes, I'd probably rather be tucked away in my own house right now; but all in all, I can't complain.

Do you know what else makes me happy?

Cakes that give me the chance to pull out my bundt pan collection. Like this week's Tuesdays with Dorie selection - Vanilla Pound Cake.

I have a bit of a bundt pan problem. Those new Nordic pan shapes that come out every so often reduce me to mush. Some women have a handbag or shoe obsession. I have a baking pan obsession. I try to convince The Dude that this obsession is far more wallet-friendly, but I don't think he's buying it. Sigh.

Since Flo Braker was the contributing baker on this recipe, I wasn't worried about the end result (her Baking for All Occasions is one of my top ten favorite baking books). We served this with peach brandy poached nectarines and Chambord whipped cream; but I am sure this cake would be a perfect showcase for any summer fruit you wished to pair with it.

Another thing that makes me happy...

Good bread!

A couple of weeks ago leaf-shaped fougasse was on the docket. The fougasse is essentially a shaped focaccia.

Focaccia makes me happy because it can be done in stages. Make the dough. Refrigerate it. Take it from the refrigerator a day or two later and shape it and bake it off. Any food that I can fit into my timetable is an automatic winner!

Life doesn't have to be perfect, but I think it helps to take your happy wherever you can get it...

I hope that your week is filled with things that make you happy!

Peace out.


This post participates in Tuesdays with Dorie. A blogged version of Craig Kominiak's fougasse can be found here. Several Flo Braker recipes can be found here on Leites Culinaria (I am drooling over the eggnog pound cake). 


  1. I actually made Dorie's Provencal Veg soup today with our cooler temps. Wasn't this a great pound cake? And I need to make up the fougasse as when we made one for FFwD, I hadn't a clue how it was supposed to look! You got a marvelous leaf shape!!! Glad you have your happy! Love that!

  2. The cake looks great and I love the thought of the brandy poached nectarines. I obsessively collect baking pans too so totally with you on that.

  3. looks great, and as long as you use those bundt pans, they're worth it! those nectarines sound so delicious, too!

  4. Sounds delicious! And you made the fougasse too! I had hoped to do the same, but it did not happen. Hoping to have it made for rewind week. :) Both look great.

  5. Beautiful pound cake!! And there’s nothing like good bread…fresh from the oven! Your fougasse…looks absolutely wonderful! Looking forward to the weekend, Cher!

  6. Can we some of that bunt pan collection? I am so curious! Glad these two recipes created some happiness….

  7. Reading all of the pound cake posts is really making me wish I hadn't skipped this recipe! I'm hoping to make it sometime soon. Your peaches and cream pairing sounds excellent.

  8. Both of those things would make me happy, as would being able to retreat somewhere 20 degrees cooler.


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