Well, I never... (French Fridays with Dorie: Coddled Eggs with Foie Gras)

When my Grandma Baker was alive, one of the phrases she would use to express surprise at something was "Well, I never...".

New technology.

A new concept.

Something crazy that one of her grandchildren did.

Any other idea that she wasn't sure how to process.

Even though she has been gone for a decade and a half (and some change), I can still hear her voice in my head each time I experience something that takes me by surprise.

This week's French Fridays with Dorie recipe - coddled eggs with foie gras - was definitely a "Well, I never..." moment for me.
I certainly never expected to enjoy a dish of foie gras (I used D'Artagnan with 2% truffles), baked egg, heavy cream and herbs.
Additionally, I never expected that Runner Girl would enjoy it either.
But I did. And she did.
It must have been the truffles.
That's my story and I am sticking to it.
Which leaves me to say this...

"Well, I never..."

Here's wishing each of you very own "Well, I never..." moment this week. Unless you have already "ever-ed" and to that I wish you many happy returns. Or something like that.

Peace out.


This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie. A version very similar to Dorie's can be found here on the Epicuious website


  1. Well, I never.. and never will. Just can't bring myself to purchase foie gras - seen to many news reports. :( It does look tasty though.

  2. I loved this recipe Cher. Wish I would have had proper kitchen equipment to pull it off properly. You'll also be pleased to know I made ONE of these. #MinifyAllTheThings

  3. Well, I never ... thought I could participate in this week's recipe - calling for foie gras and truffles.... but hey I made it with simpler ingredients and totally enjoyed it! Will make this again.. and again! Love those sunny polka dots pots you got!

  4. Well, I never...thought Bill would actually eat one!!! Thanks for the pick this week. Definitely a dish I wouldn't have tried if not for this group!

  5. Well I never ... thought that Runner Girl would like this either. Will it be a regular on your menu now?

  6. This is such an exotic dish, I have heard a lot of things about foie gras!

    Choc Chip Uru

  7. Well I never thought Bill would enjoy this but did! I bought the same Foie Gras as you& it was delicious. See you soon :-)

  8. This was definitely a great pick Cher, thanks for that. The eggs were
    delicious and will certainly be repeated. Sorry that we are missing this
    weekend in NY, but I know you will all enjoy it. Have fun.

  9. Sadly, I was surprised in the opposite directions this week. I fully expected to love this one and was instead underwhelmed. Which probably says more about my inability to properly poach an egg (not even my pictures look appetizing) than anything else. Oh well.

  10. Hi Cher! We enjoyed this one even though I made some adjustments. The combo of eggs and truffle (salt and oil for me) was delicious! Hope all is well in your world!

  11. Cher, what a lovely pick for a recipe! Your coddled eggs with the foie gras from D´Artagnan looks wonderful! Certainly a fun recipe to try!
    Thanks for the pick and enjoy your weekend!

  12. Love it and loved that you picked it ! I also thought it was great that you shared the philosophy of "we were going to have to pick it at some point" which is SO true. Well played. Hope you had a spectacular weekend with the Doristas and I look forward to hearing of the adventures ~

  13. I'm glad I did this once. The coddling-thing was something I'd never done. Foie gras? I feel too sorry for our feathered friends who have to make it for us. In fact, two days ago, this was the headline: "California's foie gras ban waddles to the Supreme Court." Now, that's funny! Thank you for helping plan this month's recipes - it was fun to be on an administrative vacation.

  14. I skipped this one because I couldn't get foie gras in time. I'll have to try it though! Thanks for picking it!

  15. Thanks for picking this recipe. I enjoyed learning to coddle eggs. My favorite recipes are the ones that I didn't expect to like!

  16. I used the same exact foie gras! I liked this one too, though it was a bit too rich for my taste. This was a fun recipe to try - thanks for making us take this one on!

  17. I skipped this because I had foie gras and couldn't get the huevos/bolas up to coddle my huevos.

  18. Christy, that's funny!

    Anyway, this was certainly interesting. I didn't totally love it, but maybe because I forgot my truffly salt? But it was certainly fun to try. Yours look delicious, and I'm happy that they were enjoyed!!!

  19. Well, I never... thought I'd like this as much as I did. Thanks for choosing this recipe. It was so fun to see you last weekend. Looking forward to the next Dorista food adventure!


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