At least they didn't throw it at me... (French Fridays with Dorie: Tuna Confit with Black Olive Tapenade & Tomato Salsa)

Whenever I hear the word "confit", I immediately start looking for the duck legs.

I am pretty sure the confit + tuna concept has never independently crossed my mind.

My last experience with a tuna looked something like this...
This 180+ pound tuna resulted in 60+ pounds of fish that took a very long time to work off. (I am not sure my mother has yet recovered from the trauma of having it all hanging out in her freezer for so long...)
Fortunately, this week's foray into fish land involved a more manageable portion (one pound of tuna steaks - I doubled the recipe to bring to a family dinner).

An overnight soak in aromatics, olive oil (a cup and a half - be still my heart) and a healthy dose of sun dried tomatoes (hiding, but they are in there was followed by a low bake (225F).
Once again, this recipe brought to light the whole "is it okay to put plastic wrap in the oven" dilemma. (The answer is, it depends...) I bypassed the issue by placing parchment directly over the fish and covering the whole dish with non-stick aluminum foil.
I planned on bringing this to a family dinner (doesn't everyone take untested recipes over to someone's house?) and kept my fingers crossed that the finished dish didn't turn out to be an unmitigated disaster. (Grilled chicken and pork tenderloin were available as a back up plan). My hopes were that the fresh tomato and pepper salsa and olive tapenade would help mask any potential fish flaws.
Since I was feeding my siblings, I was pretty confident that any reaction I received with this dish would be honest. (Sparing each other's feelings is not our collective strong suit...) No one threw fish chunks at me and my sister willingly took home the leftovers.
In my book, that's a win!
Peace out.

This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie. The recipe for Tuna Confit can be found here on the Washington Post website.


  1. Siblings and children are probably the two best groups when you're looking for brutal honesty! I was impressed with how much my kids loved this!

  2. Great post! I always try untested recipes when we have company! My brother & sister-in-law actually look forward to trying our FFWD creations & feel left out when they don't get to. Glad this was a hit with your family - we enjoyed it, too.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  3. I try out new recipes on company all the time. Fortunately, they seldom throw the result at me either. I love the picture of the tuna. That's a lot of fish to eat. I love duck leg confit, but this was up there too. Glad you considered it a win. Have a great weekend!

  4. But did they like it? Now that is the tuna I wished my dad brought how when I was a kid. I would have taken that huge tuna any day over the fishy mackerel he always caught.

  5. Definitely a win! My siblings would have eaten questions asked. But my hubby and children, uh, not so much (though if the boys were home, they would have tasted at least).

  6. I have to admit I did not know where I was going with this one. Thank
    goodness it turned out delicious. I give you credit for trying a new recipe
    on family, but at least it worked out well.

  7. Whoa! look at the size of that fish! I must say, this dish was a pleasant surprise for most (if not all) of us! That aromatic marinate helps a great deal!

  8. Yes, the price of the fish plus the vat of olive oil made me think I needed my head read, but I agree, it was delicious. Glad no-one threw fish at you!

  9. There is no way that much fish would have ever fit in my freezer, so kudos to your mother. And yes, I am more than happy to use my family and close friends as guinea pigs with new recipes. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. They haven't thrown food at me yet so if that is where we are setting the bar, I appear to be in good shape:-)

  10. Was your tuna pink inside? I was cross that mine wasn't (even if I wasn't eating it). Those are some magnificent looking steaks!

  11. That fish photo is amazing. Holy mackerel. I mean tuna :) Very impressive and knowing the per pound price, that is like a huge hunk of gold being held up there :) Great and brave idea to bring this along to a family event. And generous !! There is perhaps no greater compliment than someone asking to take the leftovers....

  12. Yes I make untested recipes for guests all the time:) I like the title of your post. Glad your crowd liked it.

  13. Definitely a Win. Is that Joe in the picture. That is some tuna. How long does it actually take to eat up 60 lbs of tuna? Nice job with the confit. I actually made it but it didn't have the pink texture I expected and it photographed horribly. So I freaked, deleted my written Post and photographs showing rather gray fish, and wrote about roasted shrimp salad. Well, still in the fish family. The tuna tasted very good and I made wonderful fidh tacos which I will be writing about this week along with my roasted peppers.

  14. Not so much of a win in our house. Loved the confit marinade, but thought the tuna was too chewy.

    Um 60 pounds of tuna would kill my digestive tract. Thank goodness for small flavors like Sous Chef not being much of a fisherman.

    Oh, and my saran wrap totally melted.


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