Isn't is ironic, don't you think... (French Fridays with Dorie: Chanterelles with Napa and Nuts - kind of...)

Am I the only person who experiences the following phenomenon? A certain item seems to be everywhere, that is, until you are looking for it...

Your house keys.

Your favorite pair of shoes.

Your house keys.

The DVD for the movie that just was just released two weeks ago that you missed in the theaters and totally wanted to see.

Your house keys.

Chanterelles mushrooms.

This week's French Fridays recipes was an exercise in futility when it came to sourcing the main ingredient.

A week or two ago, chanterelles seemed to be all over the place - the mushroom guy at the farmers market, the local natural food store, Whole Foods. And then, I started looking for them and they were no where to be found.

I am pretty sure this means now that I don't need them, I will find them again this weekend.

Because the chanterelles were not meant to be this week, I rolled with the changes and picked up a lovely bunch of shi'itakes from the mushroom guy at the farmer's market.

This dish really could not have been much easier - the mushrooms were given some time in the pan to saute in a bit of oil. A generous handful of halved green grapes were thrown in next. Once the grapes started to heat through, some chicken stock and napa cabbage were thrown in the mix and cooked until the cabbage began to wilt down. Since there was a nut allergy eater in the house, I nixed the nuts.

Overall, it was a nice side dish and one that I would like to try in the future when those mushrooms come out of hiding. Now, if only my house keys would show up along with the mushrooms I would be all set...

Peace out.


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  1. LOL, Cher. Good luck with finding the house keys. They're usually lost deep within my purse. I should have gone to the farmers' market, but I probably would have struck out there, too. I don't think the nuts added all that much...and next time I'll try grapes!

  2. You seem to have issues with your house keys:) I hear you about ingredient issues. I had the same problem with zucchini blossoms. My neighbor told me they were at every local farmer's market until the week I needed them, then they were no where to be found. I did a make up this week and read your post about it too. Have a great weekend.

  3. This looks great Cher and I think any variety of mushroom might work well here!

  4. Yep, I know the feeling. I've decided that I probably need to take a look at the remaining recipes and see if there are any other seasonal ingredients which will cause me difficulties and just keep a list in my purse. That way, if I see one of those ingredients, I can just buy it then and there and be done with it. That's the idea anyway. Don't laugh when you hear me crying about some unavailable ingredient in a few months:-)

  5. Tricia gets a thumbs up this week for sure. I gave up on the mushrooms
    and planned on using the dry. I was thinking of using the grapes as a sub for the cabbage because it really looked interesting, but since Tricia supplied
    the Napa I went with that. The recipe was really nice and we enjoyed it.
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Grapes, a great substitution. FYI, my Whole Foods didn't have them either. I tried the local grocery stores and the farmers market and had no luck. So I paid the big bucks from the local gourmet store/meat market. I also had picked up some dried chanterelles earlier in the week but didn't think they made the grade. I'm not a Napa cabbage-user (duh) so that was a pleasant surprise. Today I played Ranger and hiked a muddy, wet 4-mile forest trail. The variety of mushrooms was unbelievable. All colors - blue, green, pink, white, red. None, edible, but gorgeous to see. Did find a couple of chanterelles but I am not going there........

  7. I finally gave up looking for the Chanterelles, and bought some beautiful shiitakes, too! I actually loved the taste of the shiitakes in this dish. I will continue to search for the Chanterelles…who knows, they may show up along with your keys! Have a wonderful long weekend, Cher!

  8. LOL - isn't it the way. I just used plain old white cap mushies and they were good too; as was drumhead cabbage instead of Napa :)

  9. Hi Cher, just found your blog, and it's wonderful. Gorgeous presentation. That looks like a dish that is hard to shoot. Happy week-end to you!

  10. That happens to me all the time... I think that this must be good with any kind of mushrooms. I used a "gourmet medley". Great flavors. I'd like it with grapes, though the "non-savory-fruit" eater in my house would nix that. I'll have to try that when I'm eating solo -- maybe when I find the real mushrooms.

  11. I thought that was going to happen to me, too, with the chanterelles this week. But, being a day late had its advantages. That said, I think this recipe would be delicious with all sorts of different mushrooms. Hope you get some relaxation in this long weekend!

    1. And a few days after feeling so pleased with myself for finding chanterelles at the farmers' market, the food co-op a couple of blocks away has started stocking them in vast quantities for the season...

  12. I lose my fave pair all the time :( But when I find them, the world turns again and it is an awesome feeling :P
    I am sure your recipe worked perfectly even with a different variety of mushrooms :D

    Choc Chip Uru


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