Not quite Grandma's (Tuesdays with Dorie BwJ: Baking Powder Biscuits)

Although my grandmother has been gone from this earth for the better part of two decades, there are certain foods that recall memories of her in a heartbeat.

Zucchini bread.

Heavenly hash ice cream from Stewarts.


I can see it all so clearly in my mind.

The cloth covered rolling pin. 

The flour sifter.

The upside down glass.

Biscuits were a standard part of holiday meals.

If we were lucky, strawberries would be involved.

I don't ever remember having a bad biscuit at grandma's - I wish I could say the same in my house. 

Due to the nostalgic nature of this week's recipe for baking powder biscuits, it only seems fitting that the contributing baker this week was Marion Cunningham (of Fannie Farmer fame, not Happy Days...). What could be more old school than a recipe by the author of the Fannie Farmer Cookbook?

Marion's biscuit contribution strays somewhat from the realm of traditional biscuit making by using shortening instead of butter as the fat. What is lost in flavor is made up for in ease of construction (I had these made and on the baking sheet in less time than it took me to heat up my oven).

A light hand and a well-floured surface were key in getting these made. A drizzle of melted butter and a sprinkling of sugar took these from savory to dessert ready. 

While these biscuits will never live up to Grandma's (not that anything ever could...) they did serve as a nice back drop for some fresh roasted local plums and agave sweetened Greek yogurt.

This post participates in Tuesdays with Dorie. Marion Cunningham's recipe for baking powder biscuits can be found here.


  1. My Grandma's specialties were orange cake and peanut butter cookies. Those baking powder biscuits look fabulous!

  2. Mine didn't turn out very well, they didn't rise much. I think yours look good.

  3. Yes, there is something about grand Mom's recipes. Mine was a great cook too. I would have loved to taste your grand moms biscuits. They must have been awesome. I found these pretty good too.

  4. Fortunately for me, my memory of my grandmother involved sewing, not cooking (miss her). Your plums and yogurt sound terrific!

  5. heavenly hash--yum--I feel like that flavor has gotten hard to find in shops these days. now I will be fixated on it. grandma's always make the best biscuits, but these will do.

  6. I still have biscuit failure. Maybe someday. I think I'll blame it on my grandma, she was more of a dinner roll and rum ball sort of home cook. I'm really good at rum balls.

  7. Nothing like food that brings back family memories! I love it. Yours look delicious!

  8. Everything is better when you have grandma make it. Though, my grandma didn't make biscuits. So, I'm a little jealous. :) I liked how you dressed yours up. The combo looks really tasty!

  9. I cheated and used shortening instead of butter. I still thought they came together pretty quickly. Your sweet version sounds excellent, and I love that they brought back happy memories of your grandmother (even if the biscuits weren't the same).

  10. Those are some good memories of your grandma. The sweet version sounds awesome.

  11. It's wonderful when recipes evoke fond memories. Great post Cher. Your sweet version sounds wonderful.


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