#sorrynotsorry (French Fridays with Dorie: Curried Chicken, Peppers and Peas en Papillote...or not)

Likes and dislikes are a funny thing.

They aren't always based in logic and I am not convinced that we have 100% control over what we like and don't like.

I know that tastes can be "acquired" - mind over matter and all that, but does that mean we really LIKE something?

The older I get, the more decisive I have become about giving things a chance. I will try (almost) anything once. Beyond that, I make no promises. I am not sure if that is a positive or negative trait... #sorrynotsorry

I know that Mardi believes that this year French Fridays has been all about the dreaded fish recipes, but from my perspective this has been the year of the bell pepper.

We've stir fried them and roasted them. They've shown up in this dish and that dish.

I've tried. I really have tried, but the love just isn't happening. #sorrynotsorry

Just because I do not harbor great love for the particulars does not mean that I do not love the process.

Cooking foods en papillote (or in this case aluminum foil) is a wonderful means of effortlessly preparing a dish. In this case, I created a foil packet with sweet peas and red onions that I had seasoned with salt and Aleppo pepper (no peppers, no curry powder #sorrynotsorry).

I have already declared that I am holding on to every last shred of summer. In my mind, we are still firmly entrenched in grill season and I didn't have the heart to throw the chicken inside of the foil packet with the vegetables - I really wanted those grill marks and crispy skin... I threw the foil packet on the top rack of the grill while "chicken under a brick (or in this case cast iron skillet)" was cooking on the lower rack. #sorrynotsorry

As a side note, if I could figure out how to get grill marks on peas, I would totally consider trying that. #sorrynotsorry

Since the main point of this recipe was technique, I didn't feel too guilty about going rogue #sorrynotsorry (not that guilt comes into play too often when I veer away from a recipe).

Oven season will be back soon enough - giving me plenty of time to play around with putting the chicken into the packet and bringing me one step closer to following directions...

Peace out.


This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie.  The recipe for chicken under a brick can be found here. The recipe for curried chicken, peppers and peas en papillote can be found here.


  1. The technique was definitely the thing this week. Imagine if it had been FISH en papillote? ;)

  2. Cher, I really look forward to your post every week, you crack me up. This
    looks great no matter how you got there. We loved it, but I did turn on the
    A/C before turning on the oven. Thank God I only needed 25 minutes.

  3. Sound super delicious to me. Before FFWD the only time I ever cooked in foil was camping... so throwing these babys on the grill is fabulous.

  4. I always forget this technique. I hoping this time around it will stick in my memory. I followed your lead and did my own thing this week too. #sorrynotsorry

  5. Cher, grilled chicken is always a winner at our house too and your interpretation of this week´s recipe sounds wonderful to me. I did not add those diced red bell peppers either (we are not into these the least bit) but I went with the curry powder (that we like a lot). It is true, cooking en papilotte is a great cooking techinque to try out every once in a while.
    Love reading your write-up.
    Hope all is well - have a nice weekend,

  6. Food in a parcel is such a novelty and a delightful way to thrill your guests! I was a bit apprehensive if the chicken will be undercooked but it turned out great but hey grilled chicken sounds super good too!

  7. You're right Cher. It is about the technique and grilled chicken was a better option anyhow. My son tried to get me to grill the chicken and it would have been a good idea!

  8. I so agree, Cher! I cook on my grill all summer long…I hate turning on the oven, except to bake! This recipe was good, and I enjoyed it but, I’m sure your grilled chicken was even more delicious! Have a great weekend!!

  9. Love that hashtag: #sorrybutnotsorry. Love it.

  10. Great post, Cher! I think at this point, it's time to embrace the things we love in these dishes and leave aside the rest. The method is the thing in this recipe, right? And if no one went rogue, our posts would be very uniform, too.

  11. Foil packets we made to be cooked on the grill! I am trying to make use of the grill as much as possible too. Your dinner sounds delicious!

  12. Hi Cher, oh I love the way you write, good for you love your version of this dish.

  13. You are one clever lady. My tech designer spent three hours with me last Tuesday and, among other things, tried to explain the difference between hashtags and handles. Don't quite have it cemented in my brain yet but I will persevere. I agree, why do foil when you can do grill. Lotsa peas in that one beautiful picture. Like that.

  14. LOL, love the post. You are right, there have been a lot of bell peppers but I don't mind. I am hanging on to summer too but for other reasons. I refuse to eat an apple until the summer fruit are gone.

  15. #sorrynotsorry. Not sure whether that is the story of my life or what I aspire to. Loved the post, as always. And good for you for grilling the chicken. And omitting the curry. The pouch deal (ok en papillote) was the concept shared and that was my favorite takeaway. #sorrynotsorry. :)

  16. We don't have 100% control. Did you ever take the PCT test in high school biology? I remember it because I was the only one in my class who could not taste it and everyone else was gaging because it was apparently quite bad.

  17. Yep - I agree about the Bell Peppers. I simply cannot eat them - even the smell of them is off-putting to me! However, I have also been making a concerted effort to try a greater variety of foods.

    I'm not quite back in the right timezone, but hope to pick back up with FFWD this week!

  18. I am already really determined about what I like and don't like, my mum gets so annoyed :P But hey if there isn't love, there just isn't right?
    I personally love capsicum though :P

    Choc Chip Uru

  19. Yep, I think it has been about dreaded fish recipes. I'm okay with the red peppers but the fish and anchovies send shivers up my spine.

  20. Too funny. I feel like this has been the year of the aspic, liver, and foie gras. I guess we all have our favorites (and least favorites)! This is definitely a technique I plan on using again in the winter, when I actually want to heat up the house. Using the grill was a great idea.


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