Get your head in the game (French Fridays with Dorie: Osso Bucco a la Arman)

After spending a week in Arizona, I am having a really hard time wrapping my head around the memories of the ever so fall-friendly dish of Osso Bucco.

Instead my mind is wandering off to memories of the Elote appetizer from the Cafe Elote in Sedona, the chicken enchiladas mole from Rosita's Place in Phoenix or the Buffalo Filet Mignon from the El Tovar.

 Nope, osso bucco is definitely not on my brain. Fortunately, it is on my hard drive...

This version of osso bucco is a warm, comforting dish of veal shanks (I used beef shanks for ~1/4 of the cost and 110% less baby cow guilt), braised in tomato sauce (lightly flavored with orange). I loved that this was a fix it and forget it dish - a few minutes of preparation, followed by a slow braise in the oven (made even simpler with a few tweaks to the preparation instructions). Perfect for those afternoons when you don't want to spend the day slaving over the stove.

Rice is the recommended accompaniment - although, we paired this with mustard and Parmesan crusted roast potatoes and buttermilk biscuits. (I can't help it - I am a total sucker for a good roasted potato.)

Sunrise over the Grand Canyon - Yaki Point

Since I had a special request for book recommendations, here a few of my most recent reads. Juliet Grey's Days of Splendor, Days of Sorrow is a fictional take on the life of Marie Antoinette - this one had me Google-ing Marie Antoinette hairstyles more than once (Google "Marie Antoinette hair ship" for one of my favorites...). Holly Chamberlin's The Beach Quilt depicts the journey of a teenaged girl and her best friend - the ending was not what I expected, but no spoilers will be given here. Gwenda Bond's Girl on a Wire is currently in my queue - this is a tale of young love in a circus setting. 

The Red Rocks of Sedona

Happy Halloween, all! Whether you spend your evening flinging candy to the throngs of children or spend the evening hiding behind pulled shades and darkened lamps (not that I have ever done that) or celebrate in some other way - I hope you have a safe and enjoyable evening. 

Peace out.


This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie. A posted version of this osso bucco recipe can be found here


  1. The Grand Canyon is on my bucket list--except that I'm sort of afraid of heights, and if I had my kid with me, no matter how old he was at the time, I'd be plagued by visions of him accidentally slipping and falling over the edge. Happy Halloween!

  2. You're so organised Cher - I imagine it's very hard to come back from a magical (warm) trip like that and try to write about fall comfort food! Loved following along your travels on IG!

  3. We took the same trip in March...and I'm pretty certain we ate at Cafe Elote! Now I'm craving some good Mexican food! And thanks for the book recommendations, too!
    P.S. Roast potatoes always go over well here, too. Your osso buco looks wonderful.

  4. Beautiful photo of the Grand Canyon and Sedona is also amazing! I can definitely see how that would make you utterly forget the osso buco. And your accompaniments? I felt like Homer Simpson drooling reading those! YUM!

  5. I love your photos! And, I'll bet your potatoes were wonderful with this. Yay for vacations! It's so hard to believe we were just on one - I'm ready for the next one already!

    I'm so excited you got "Baked Occasions!" The first recipe up is one I tested so I probably won't re-make it but just use the photos from my test session.

  6. One of my very favorite vacations ever was a Sedona/Grand Canyon combo. It was the only vacation that ever made me tempted to call work and say, "I'm not coming back, sorry about that."

  7. Sounds like a fabulous vacation, Cher! Love your photos!
    It would have been nice if you could’ve been in NYC for the book signing. It was a fun night!
    Your Osso Buco looks wonderfully delicious! It was a definite winner in my house! I could never go wrong with braised meat for my hubby! Happy Friday! Happy Halloween!

  8. Lovely photos, that is such a spectacular place. This recipe was good, and
    yours looks great with the beef. I think it was a winner with everyone.
    Happy Halloween.

  9. Great vacation photos! Welcome back! Your osso buco looks like the right thing to get you back into the East Coast season. I love roasted potatoes too. This week I tried a Mario Batali recipe that had you blanch the quartered potatoes for a couple of minute before roasting. It was supposed to make them extra-crispy, which it did. Surprising. And thanks for the book recommendations :)

  10. Thank you for sharing your vacation with us. Sounds like you had a lovely time. I will need to try the recipe with beef next time. Thanks for the tip!

  11. Yep, fix and forget dishes are great. Yours looks good. I used beef too - I don't think veal would be available here. Love the photos - I have been to Sedona and the Grand Canyon.

  12. I love the drama of the Arizona landscapes. It's definitely in my radar for a future trip to the US, especially now that you mention all the great Southwest eats.

  13. We are of the candy flinging celebrators! We love Halloween and strangers coming to the door and not being hesitant to answer! I put on a witches hat and Gary puts on a V mask and we harass and scare the children before giving them candy:) Veal always gives me pause so I used rabbit. Whatever meat was used this dish was pretty popular with everyone I think. Your trip to Arizona looks amazing. Seems you've done lots of traveling lately!

  14. I'm thinking thay Arizona was to your liking. I'm sorry your schedule and Candy's didn't jell. I've eaten at El Tovar before, cannot remember what I ordered, but it was wonderful. Although, I was so dazzled by the experience and the surroundings and the landscape, I probably would have enjoyed a peanut -butter sandwich. Your beef osso bucco looks delicious. I serve roasted potatoes every so often but Parmesan crusted ones, never. Sounds good. Thanks for the book suggestions. Yes, I was thirsty for some of your picks. I'll request Marie from the library. You're getting snow soon? Noooo Way.

  15. I love the Grand Canyon, when I visited, it felt like I was flying over the edge in the skywalk :D
    Beautiful photos!
    Hope you had a brilliant Halloween and your Osso Bucco looks so hearty!

    Choc Chip Uru

  16. Sounds like a delicious trip. The best kind!

    And yes, I had to hide this year when trick or treaters rang:-( I'm not proud to admit it, but in 8 years in Frankfurt they have only rang twice and somehow never in the years when I have actually purchased candy. The first time they caught unawares, but this time I remembered why someone might be ringing my doorbell at 8pm and froze. Literally, I froze and stayed quiet until they went away. It was either that or offer them leftover osso buco.

  17. I probably should have done the beef shank thing as my veal seems to be the most expensive so far. It has been 15 years since I ate osso buco since my guilt isn't too high and I am not planning on buying it again. I agree with your sentiments on potatoes:)

    Love the pictures of Sedona and the Grand Canyon. I still haven't been to either.

  18. "110% less baby cow guilt" - that's exactly how I feel, too. The potatoes and biscuits sound amazing. Love the photos of the osso buco and your vacation. It sounded like a great trip. And I love hearing about what people are reading, even though it just adds to my 'to read' list.

  19. The photo of your osso buco looks gorgeous! I love it in that braising dish.


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