HIde and seek (French Fridays with Dorie: Béatrix’s Red Kuri Soup)

Beatrix, oh Beatrix...

Why, oh why did you have to make Dorie fall in love with a soup with what appears to be the most elusive squash known to mankind?

Fortunately, I found one (as in singular) a year ago and had the opportunity to make the soup then...because I have not seen one since. 

Delicately flavored, reminiscent of pumpkin and chestnuts, the Red Kuri squash is perfect for the anti-cook. Unlike almost all other squash, this one does not need to be peeled - making it perfect for those who would rather not go through the somewhat treacherous task of peeling a squash. Since this soup only requires four ingredients (squash, leeks, milk and water + salt & pepper to taste), it isn't overwhelming on the ingredient side either. This may well be one of the easiest soups I have ever made...

I hope everyone who celebrated Thanksgiving has come out of their turkey coma.

We are celebrating the long weekend with a renovation project - which is going as smoothly as projects tend to go when working on a 100+ year old house (NOT). I don't think house builders back then had the benefit of a level (or did things consistently - especially when it comes to electrical work...)

Now, I need to go see what is involved in a "Tartine de Viande des Grisons" before anyone realizes that I am missing - I am sure it is much less scary than it sounds. 

Peace out.


This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie. The recipe for Béatrix’s Red Kuri Soup can be found here.


  1. Cher, this is a lovely and no-fuss soup isn´t it - we are very fortunate as the red kuri squash is very easy to find in stores and markets around here, I use it all the time - I am happy that you also enjoyed the taste combination of squash and marrons - we loved the way this soup tasted!
    Hopefully the renovation project of your house went well and that you did spent a nice Thanksgiving!

  2. So glad you were able to make the soup when you found the squash the first time. I really enjoyed this one, too.

    And hope your renovations go smoothly. We have some hundred-year-old houses in our co-op (including a somewhat notable one) and they present some unique challenges.

  3. The tartine is pretty easy ;) Also, a great sub for bresaola if you're not a fan (like me!) is prosciutto (which I love). Toast with prosciutto? Lunch tomorrow. I cannot believe you made this so long ago (that you knew enough to buy one and remembered to take the pics!) Go you!

  4. Cher, I saw your photos on Instagram for the renovation. We are in the early stages of thinking of a bathroom addition (as in adding floorspace) to a 75-year-old house and I was wondering if your pics were the universe trying to tell me something. :) Anyway, what is the deal with the squash being so elusive?!? I think our farmers just aren't growing it or something. Glad you had made it at some time in the past! I, too, have made the tartine already--made with bresaola--and it was easy and not scary at all.

  5. I never saw this squash around until a year ago. I think it has become trendy. Trendy probably doesn't make it to your neck of the woods. Good luck with your house. When they open walls in mine plaster and horse hair spew out... and electrical. It doesn't seem that anything is grounded.

  6. Lucky that you saved the pictures from when you made it before! Good luck with your renovations. Living in a 150-year-old house, I hear your pain. We always find very interesting things behind the walls. In the end, it will be gorgeous, I'm sure. Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Next week should be easy. Have a great week!

  7. I was shocked to see a red kuri when I walked into Whole Foods one morning! Hope you had a spectacular Thanksgiving and that the rest of your renovation project goes smoothly!

  8. Carrying a kuri squash back home was not really an option with a carry-on duffle going at 20+ lbs yesterday, but I'm happy I had a close encounter with one of them in the farmers' stand where Betsy got hers. :-)

  9. LOL - yep, it seems that nearly everyone found this squash hard to get, and I did not succeed. Glad you enjoyed it.

  10. I found a Red Kuri only once, Whole Foods, and it happened to be two weeks before we were to make the soup. I bought two. It really is delicious, as you know, so you and RK will meet again someday. I just know it. Renovations. 100-year-old House. Old Man Winter. Seriously?


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