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There used to be a sandwich shop down the road from my work that made THE BEST roast beef sandwiches. On an onion roll. They always served a dill pickle, with just the perfect amount of crunch on the side. At the end of the counter, was the dessert case, filled with chewy chocolate chip cookies the size of your hand. Fudgy brownies topped with whole pecan halves. And almond crescents - chewy almond cookies rolled in sliced almonds.

I loved, loved, loved those cookies.

And then the shop closed down.

It's been over a decade and I still haven't found a roast beef sandwich quite as good or a almond crescent anywhere near as delicious.

Such a sad state of affairs.

This week's TWD recipe takes us down the almond cookie road. Almond paste, sugar and egg white are mixed together to create a chewy, (hopefully) puffy bite of goodness.

Getting the batter into the pastry bag was the hardest part of assembling the dough for these cookies.

These were a bit of a fail on the "puffy" part (executions flaws at the far end of the pastry bag and all that...), but the chewy and goodness parts were pretty spot on.

Sadly, these won't replace my beloved almond crescents; however, they do give me hope that there is a recipe out there that just might come close.

This is my bakers holy grail.

Peace out.


This post participates in Tuesdays with Dorie. The recipe for Nick Maglieri's amaretti cookies can be found here.


  1. Your cookies look great! Not too sad at all!

  2. Sorry they don't replace your beloved almond crescents but they sound and look really good!

  3. Mine did not reach crinkly perfection but the insides were as the book said. Yours does look pretty good though.

  4. ugh--I hate it when my favorite places disappear. I hope one day you find your perfect almond cookie again! :)


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