Early in the Morning (Tuesdays with Dorie BwJ: Eastern European Rye)

Weekend mornings have always been the favorite part of my week.

There is something that feels almost sacred about those couple of hours I am able to sneak in before the house begins to come to life.

The period just before dawn is my favorite and is often spent with a cup of coffee in hand and curled up on the couch with a few cookbooks and a pad of paper for planning the day's cooking, baking and cleaning schedule.

If I am ready for the world, I will start running the mixer and take my chances on gaining company. If the girls are around, one of them may slide up to the island and keep me company or The Dude may poke his head and see what I am up to.

Sometimes, if I am eager to start working and am not ready to give up my alone time I will go ahead and start working that day's bread by hand.

This week's Tuesdays with Dorie recipe fit in with my desires for a peaceful Saturday morning.

Although this one required an extensive amount of kneading (I hand kneaded it for 15 minutes and it probably could have stood another five or so minutes to better develop the gluten), it was a nice dough to work with.

Like the other Groveman recipe in Baking with Julia, this bread made use of a rather odd shaping method and the even odder "kitchen towel dough sling".

Odd techniques or not, the end results were delicious.

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  1. I LOVE early mornings too! Sacred quiet. It just never lasts long enough… Your loaves look great!

  2. Alone time is my favoritest! Your bread looks wonderful!

  3. I'm also with you on alone-time! your bread looks fabulous, and I love the shape it held.

  4. Ahh yes...morning alone times are very nice. Especially when it's still dark and you can curl up with a good book and you can hear the roosters crowing. Your bread looks great! It makes me want to make toast right now!

  5. Ahh. Alone time. So important. A lot of people just don't understand - like, why do I enjoy being home alone, instead of on a dirty, dust trail, in a vehicle that is crawling over rocks, ready to roll over onto its side at any time, with my husband...

    I too kneaded this one by hand. This was a delicious loaf I recall. Your bread looks perfect.


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