Enough (French Fridays with Dorie: Côte d’Azur Cure-all Soup)

Winter has finally done me in.

It wasn't the weeks and weeks of sub-freezing temperatures.

It wasn't the three plus feet of snow that we received in less than two weeks.

It wasn't the total chaos I have been living through at work as a result of the crazy weather. 

It wasn't the fact that I haven't seen a patch of land in my back yard since November.

It was the gutters.

The silly, stupid gutters.

The temperatures finally hit the 30's, the ice on the roof started to melt and took the gutter with it - the ones we replaced in November.

I quit.

If there was ever a week that I needed a cure-all soup, this was it.

This was a simple soup - chicken stock, garlic (lots and lots of garlic), herbs, cheese and egg (yolks). It is exactly the kind of soup that I would want when I am cold, sick, miserable and otherwise cranky.

Fortunately, the pending arrival of spring will bring warmer weather. The snow will melt. The gutter will get fixed. And...by the time this posts, I will be 1400 miles away in some place much warmer.

Yeah, a few days in warm weather will go a long ways toward "curing all" too.  

Have a great weekend all.

Peace out.


This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie. A version of this soup can be found here.


  1. Enjoy your time in the warm Cher! Even a few degrees and some sun can make the world of difference. But what's this I see - you stuck to the recipe this week? What is the world coming to???

  2. Yeah, this was a nice soup to chase away the sniffles, but I like the idea of flying somewhere warm even better. Have a blast, Cher!!! xo

  3. I have to tell you Cher your gutter story is a good one compared to the others I have heard. One friend of mine had hers break through her window and many others have had the water from the melting gutter build up on to their roofs and now they have leaks... so you are blessed that they just broke off. Thank god for soup!

  4. Yep, that stinks. Sounds like exactly the right time to flee to warmer climes.

  5. So it was cold you say? Hm, didn't feel it. No really, in all seriousness I don't know how you do it. I am such a wuss I wouldn't be able to take it. I'm just so ill-quipped for cold weather which is why my people migrated here. I also found this to be somewhat curative but not in the way expected. I was just cured of my inability to post with the group.

  6. Enjoy your vacation! If coming home to melting snow is too miserable, then make yourself more of this soup!

  7. A few days in the sunshine will restore your faith that winter will eventually be over, at least it did for me. Enjoy Florida! When Howard was breaking icicles off the corner of the house, he took out one of the railings of the deck. At least he was attacking them from the upstairs window rather than down below where it might have taken him out instead. Happy Spring!

  8. Soup is good, but Florida is better. Enjoy the warm weather and relax,
    don't even think house problems...

  9. I hope you're enjoying your warm weather vacation! So sorry about your gutters :-( What a total pain. This was a nice warming soup. Perfect for a winter that just doesn't want to go away...

  10. Cher, enjoy your vacation in the sun - I have heard so many horror stories about the never-ending winter in your parts - I am grateful that we did not have to suffer through cold temperatures this winter.
    Your soup looks wonderful and creamy and just like comfort in a bowl!
    Take care and all the very best,

  11. So sorry about your gutters! It's been a brutal winter for so many this year. Glad you're enjoying the warmth of Florida. I'm impressed that you basically stuck to the recipe this week! :) I agree that it's comforting and delicious.

  12. Loved your pictures from the Birding Sanctuary which I received when Susan, John and I were antiquing for Prop Love (The Lioness' phrase which "I love".)Just to know that you (and, Joe, hopefully) are basking in sunny Florida made my heart sing. Having lived in snow country for 25 years, we always were forced to make Spring snow damage repairs to our house. Although our metal roof was heated, we still had gutter damages from ice build-up. One Winter our entire side porch was taken out. Which got a little dicey when one of us would forget that fact when taking the dog out. Also, the melted ice made dagger-like ice cycles that I swear would kill you if they let loose while you were under them. Michael always was knocking those babies off. Honestly, I hate Winter!!!! Going home to it next week. Will not whine. Will not whine. Will not whine. Your soup looks delicious. XOX

  13. Oh man I would never survive outside of California. I hope you enjoy your much deserved break in Florida. I am flying there myself on Friday. Have a great week.

  14. Hang in there - the warmer weather must almost be there! Sadly, it is getting colder here. It won't snow, but I hate the grey and cold and wind.


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