So... (French Fridays with Dorie: Riviera Fish Soup & Cabbage and Foie Gras Bundles)

I am supposed to be writing a post about fish soup and cabbage and foie gras bundles.

Um yeah.

About that. 

I have nothing witty or insightful to say about either.

I am going to come right out and admit it...

...these were two of my least favorite recipes in the book.

There was something about the idea of running beautiful (and expensive) snapper through a food mill that made me sad. I opted to use the snapper to make a quick fish stock and then reserved the fish meat to add in the soup at the end. I think it was the fennel that threw me off at the end of the day - which means this was more of an issue of personal taste than the recipe.

On the other hand. I don't know what to say about the cabbage/ foie gras thingy.

I like foie gras.

I don't mind cabbage.  As coleslaw. In sauerkraut.

I don't like foods wrapped in cabbage (I am looking at you golumpki).

This one didn't work for me. (Although, I was amused by the color of the water after boiling my cabbage leaves.)

That's all I have to say about that...

Next on the FF docket is veal marengo. There will be deviations.

In other news, winter hasn't decided to leave Upstate NY yet... As right now, the mercury is reading -6F.

Book news: just finished The Bishop's Wife by Mette Ivie Harrison. It was an interesting read, but could be a little sensitive for some readers.

Have a great weekend. Stay warm.

Peace out.


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  1. I think Mr Neil and I are right there with you on these two recipes. Also, I made "beef" marengo. It was really good.

  2. This was a rather strange recipe but it's over and we got thru it. Have to
    admit we have had a lot of strange recipes lately, not sure if there are any normal ones left. Have a great weekend and try to stay warm. Can't wait for

  3. You get brownie points for making both of these!!!

  4. Wow. That's dedication. What a meal!

  5. Hi Cher, the aspic is still my least favourite, but this soup is up there. Too fishy! The foie gras bundles were ok, bur not worth making again. Can't belive how cold it is there - make it warm for May, m'k?

  6. I really think the fish recipe was meant for discarded stuff. So glad you didn't waste the snapper. As for the foie gras comment. I am reading Paris: A Novel... it's cool because I was there recently, but my it is long 800 pages. I will check out your book.

  7. I would say the foie gras recipe is the winner (loser?) as my least favorite recipe. But, we tried it!

  8. I didn't make the fish soup. I just don't like fish soups, not even chowder. I used truffle oil on my cabbage and it was simple and pretty tasty. I'm kind of over all these unusual recipes:)

  9. I get that these aren't on your faves List. Big admiration coming from me that you have completed all the recipes in the book so far. Maybe one of the "games" we should play is our "least favorite recipe". I think there would only be a few recipes in the running. So sorry that Winter is hanging on. (I've been saying that to you for too many weeks now.)

  10. The aspic reigns supreme as my most hated recipe in the book and I don't see anything left which looks like it has the power to unseat it. But who knows.

  11. We are staying warm in California, another heat wave. I actually like seasons but winter has never showed up here. Anyway, thanks for the recipe for the duck potatoes. That is exactly what I was looking for, can't wait to try it. I am looking for to some beef next week too.

  12. I'll agree that neither of these were the top recipes in the book. I like Mary's idea of naming our least favorite recipe. I haven't missed any recipes in over 2 years, but I still have about half a dozen recipes to make up to be complete. I think I'd better get moving... The book looks interesting. Always looking for good reads, so I'll check it out. I'm reading Tracks by Robyn Davidson. I had it before they made the movie. Enjoying it. Winter will end. At least that's what I keep telling myself. It's like Peter Pan where you clap your hands and say "I Believe!"...

  13. Yes, this has been some winter. I pray that my kids are NOT the ones jumping out of balconies into the snow in Boston but one never truly knows :) All the more reason for me to be wanting Spring to arrive. Yes, that soup was something else and so were the bundles. I like terrines and mousse type foie gras - on crackers- but am not sure I have even ever tasted the real stuff. I grew up loving liverwurst and mustard sandwiches as a youngster. That was a kindergarten staple for me. Yup, weird tastes for a kid. That said, there was no cabbage involved....

  14. My least favorite as at todate: salty-sweet potato far with the aspic a very close second!

  15. Blurg with that fish milling thing. Just...blurg. As for the cabbage bundles: I bet you were amused by the color of the water! LOL! I can see that making it with red cabbage would translate into a sort of blood bath. :) Well, sorry that neither of these worked for you, Cher. I'm sending good thoughts for the winter to leave you all alone. I've heard it actually got above freezing. Friends on FB were mentioning having the sunroof open in 40 degree weather.


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