The Day After (French Fridays with Dorie: Next Day Beef Salad)

The day after...

There is something about that phrase that brings a little tug to my stomach.

"The day before" intimates excitement and anticipation.

"The day after" causes me to think of finality. It's over.

There's something kind of depressing about the topic. That kind of thinking just does not work for me...

Let's turn this thing around! What's better the day after?

Lasagna. Lasagna is totally better the next day.

Pizza. For breakfast.

The last day of school. Heck, no one could argue that the next day is better there.

Roast beef? Eh, not so much. (In my opinion.) figure out a way to re-purpose that beef into something that has just as much promise as the original. Dorie suggests turning those left over into a salad. Tiny cubes of beef are tossed in a mustardy dressing along with olives and capers and other stuff and served on a bed of lettuce. Sounds good, right?

I made this back in January with leftover beef tenderloin from a dinner party we had the night before - in the dead of winter (you know, the winter that never ends...) and wasn't feeling the whole "bed of lettuce" thing. So, I went in another direction - as one (I) does.

I left alone the concept of tossing the tiny beef cubes in a mustardy dressing - I even threw in a few capers and chopped up olives for good measure. I tossed warm baby potatoes and lentils in a mustardy vinaigrette. Boiled up some eggs. Blanched some green beans. Threw on some tomatoes and olives (because there are never enough olives - ever) and called it dinner.

Now, I realize this may not have been what was intended when the recipe was written but it was pretty darned delicious and was the perfect dinner for "the day after"...

See - I told you we'd turn this thing around.

Happy Spring!


This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie. The recipe for Next Day Beef Salad can be found here.


  1. Cher, that looks so appetizing. Love the addition of the eggs and potatoes.

  2. Its kinda like you made next day beef salad nicoise! I really like all the deconstruction going on here. I wish I thought of that! And lasagna totally is better the next day.

  3. How about the next-day hangover after that dinner party? I surely would not be up for lettuce. I love the idea of warm potatoes and eggs, especially in the winter. I really don't like salad when it is cold. Speaking of which, we are melting how about you?

  4. Potatoes and eggs make everything better!

  5. Looks Nicoise-ish! LOVE your tweaks once again!

  6. Brilliant. That's really what Dorie intended with this recipe, maybe, just to do something ingenous with leftover beef. As for me, I, of course, followed the recipe word-for-word. What else. Nothing too creative or rogue about me. But, you made it into something special and something very appropriate for a cold winter night. You got me with those warm baby potatoes. Well done, my friend. I can always cound on you to be inmnovative.

  7. Looks FAB Cher. And hey, I didn't go so rogue... I just forgot the salad part ;)

  8. This looks great Cher, sort of like a Nicoise salad with beef. All my favorite ingredients.

  9. Love your salad idea!! It looks fantastic - another great way to use up that leftover roast beef. I did enjoy this, even though I made it a while back - great reminder to make again - with all of the variations!!

  10. That salad looks amazing, and right up my alley! Way to make it yours. I especially love the idea of throwing in some potatoes. I even had leftover potatoes, but made Nigella's leftover potato salad recipe out of them. Lots of leftovers going on this week, and a great reminder of all the ways we can use them up.

  11. I love that you took this Next-Day salad and mixed it with the nicoise-style I bet it was great!

  12. Wow, your version looks perfect! Kind of a beefy nicoise salad that I am sure Dorie would approve of.

  13. I'm a fan of leftover roast beef, because I love roast beef sandwiches. Love your take on this - the potatoes and eggs are naturals for these flavours. I think I'd like to try this your way next time.

  14. Your version is absolutely lovely, Cher! I added a hard boiled egg to Bill’s salad…just to make sure it would fill him up! I hate him grazing after dinner! This salad was a winner in my house…we really enjoyed it! Hope you had a great vacation in Fl. As I sit here writing this, it is snowing again! Oh no! Looking forward to seeing you in the city!

  15. I love the addition of the eggs and potatoes - it looks so inviting.

  16. Ooooh, very nice, Cher! I also love the whole thing about days after often being kind of funky. It makes me think of recovering from the previous day (cleaning up, drinking more water, etc.). There's something about how you changed it up that kind of reminds me of a salade niçoise, too! Anyway, happy spring to you!!

  17. This looks great. Makes me crave a nicoise salad.


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