#EpicWaffleFail (Waffles and Cream)

Here is what I learned this week: you can totally cover up epic waffle failures with lots of dark chocolate, caramel sauce and caramelized bananas.


Instead of light, airy waffles, I created a blobby mess of waffle goo.

It was so bad, that I threw my waffle maker out. This waffle maker and I have had a checkered past and this was the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back.

(It was a cheap one that I bought when my old one died - clearly, I should not have spent the money on a better one. Lesson learned.)

In case you are wondering, I used the recipe for caramelized bananas from the Chocolate and Banana Tart in AMFT. (Aka: the bananas that saved the flaccid waffles). 

In other news, we finally had a spring like day yesterday - after 90+ days of the mercury not reaching 50, the temperatures shot straight to 60 yesterday. Another warm day today and snow projected for tonight. Sigh. There still aren't any bare spots in the backyard, but the edges are melting. Hope springs eternal (pun intended)

This post participates in French Fridays with Dorie. The recipe for Dorie's waffles can be found here. And did you know that Dorie has written a whole book about waffles? It's out of print now, but you can get a used copy of Amazon - if you like waffles, there are some great recipes in there (just make sure you have a decent waffle iron...)

For those celebrating this weekend, Happy Easter and Chag Kasher V’Sameach!


  1. So sorry about the bum waffle maker, but your toppings look irresistible! There was mention of snow in our forecast overnight---just flurries, but still!!! :( Happy Easter, Cher.

  2. What? An entire Dorie book of waffles? Daaaaaaang. I'm going to go buy it (for the fab price of $2.50). Thanks, Cher! Okay, I feel you with the stupid waffle maker thing. That was me a couple months ago. So irritating. But, happy days are here again because I bought a new one to make this recipe. :) Glad the bananas saved it!

  3. So sorry about your waffles and waffle maker! However, those toppings sound delectable!
    I have Dorie’s Waffle book…a wonderful little gem!
    Looking forward to our next adventure!
    Happy Easter, Cher!

  4. What exactly went wrong here? I l think it would have tasted good still but I am not sure a waffle maker merits all the space it takes up in the cupboards...

  5. Sorry your waffle maker failed you. I have a cheap one, but it works like a champ. However, those caramelized bananas could fix anything. Thanks for reminding me of them. I didn't love that tart, but I do remember the bananas being the winning component. I'll have to make them again. Have a great weekend!

  6. "This waffle maker and I have had a checkered past ..." I see what you did there.

  7. Yep, I am not queen of the waffles either. I like those fancy waffle makers in hotels where you pour in the batter, close the lid, flip it, and it beeps when its ready. Those bananas sound perfect with the waffles. Yay for the warm weather!

  8. I think someone told me about the Dorie Waffle book. Maybe it was you. It was her first book right? Bummer on the bad waffle maker, but I do the same thing when something breaks that I don't use that often, but I think cheap appliance just keep getting cheaper. We had that warm day too... very exciting and now it's raining. Oh well, Spring is here. Happy Easter.

  9. You know, this recipe convinced me that I need a new waffle maker too. Mine weren't flaccid, but they weren't as crisp as they could have been and they cooked unevenly. So, yay for new appliances?

  10. If you have not already seen our post, you will soon learn that you are not the only one who "broke up" with their waffle maker this weekend. If she has not already chucked it herself I will be throwing out Nana's when I head over there for Easter Dinner :) (yes, I am totally spoiled- the boys are staying up in Boston so I am enjoying being treated once again by Nana). Love that you paired this with caramelized bananas regardless of why and yes, they looked fab. Spring is slowly hitting here as well. Can't recall the last year that I was so, so happy to see it.....

  11. Cheap never works. It just doesn't. But, if I know you and if you know me, what we know is that we will always keep trying. Just this one time. A bargain. I recall paying big bucks for a Mickey Mouse waffle maker when I was in my original be-a-great-grandmother role. Emma and Clara did love it, the few times they visited but SOON grew out of wanting MM on their breakfast plates. Surprisingly, none of my grown up guests were charmed either. So, gave it away, my lame 1950's maker went bust, and I now have no waffle maker in my condo or my future. I can do pancakes well and crepes, not so great. That's my Life. The good news is that I didn't have to endure your Winter but am headed into Aspen today. It's still Winter. I have vowed, promised myself and will not complain about being cold or the slushy snowy weather. I just believe that whining would not go down well with you East Coast gals. Happy Easter, my dear Cher, Joe and the girls.

  12. Two days ago I wore my winter coat to work. Today, even my spring coat was too warm. Who can figure.

  13. oh god, I'm dying!! "flaccid waffles?" ours were thin too! :)


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