Making it work (French Fridays with Dorie: Not-Salmon Tartare)

So... it's not Friday.

Between work, school, travel and getting the house ready to put on the market, life has just been more chaotic than normal.

I haven't cooked a meal in almost a month (unless you count the epic waffle fail). I think I've baked exactly two things in the same time period.

The counter girl at the pizza and sub shop around the corner and I have gotten pretty tight.

Shredded wheat is a perfectly acceptable dinner plan.

Cut up vegetables and hummus that have been my lunch staple.

The fact that at least half of my kitchen and 70% of my cookbooks are sitting in a storage locker doesn't help the situation.

For real.

Fortunately, this (um...last) week's French Fridays recipe didn't require pots or pans or really much of anything beyond chopping and mixing. Which is about all I can handle right now...

This salmon (make that ahi tuna) tartare was one of those dishes that I would certainly never try to prepare of my own volition. I tried to stay true to the spirit of the recipe (although, I did let the lime juice "cook" the tuna for a while, instead of just tossing it).

This was far less scary than the salmon in a jar, but I am not sure I will be making this again... It was a very summery dish to be eating on a cold winter day. (Fortunately, most of that snow has finally melted - it did make a pretty back drop for pictures though...)

There only a handful of recipes left in this journey. I still haven't figured out how the heck I am going to fit in a pork roast between now and Friday. I may have to go "all Mardi" on that one and minify it into a tenderloin or something. That pending sardine escabeche scares the tarnation out of me. At least we still have a cheesecake tart to look forward too...
Peace out.


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  1. UGH--you still have snow? Double ugh. Hope things settle down soon!

  2. Chopping and tossing is just the thing sometimes. I like the sound of ahi tuna in this. Our snow is 99.9% melted! Have hope! Good luck with your chaos.

  3. Can we minify that pork roast into an appetizer? By the way, nothing is as scary as salmon in a jar. Nothing.

  4. I'm impressed you even managed chopping and mixing with all you have going on! That would be hard to have most of your kitchen and cookbooks packed up... Ahi tuna would work well in this recipe.


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