Triple Threat...or something like that (French Fridays with Dorie: Roast Pork w/ Mango; Not-Sardine Escabeche & Cheesecake Tart)

Hi there.

Contrary to popular opinion, I have not fallen off the face of the earth - I am alive and kicking...or something like that.

As of today, my house is on the market and the past few weeks have been filled with cleaning and painting and tossing and painting and remodeling and painting... Have I mentioned that there was painting involved? For a while, I was beginning to think that Linen White was going to be my new hair color - we won't even talk about ceiling painting or the 8+ hours it took to repaint the dining room into a realtor approved color. (She's a task master, that one...)

One weekend involved at least 14 trips to Home Depot - I kid you not. I think my home improvement store quota has been used up for at least the next twenty years.

It was worth it in the end when I sent over the listing photos to the realtor and her reply was that she wished I would come take pictures of all her listings for her.

Somewhere in the middle of all that, there was a totally awesome Dorista meetup.

Amidst all of this "stuff", there was some cooking - just not a whole lot of posting going on (Instagram can bear witness to the time frame). Without further ado...

Roast pork with mango and lychees: 1) I have been on a freezer and pantry cleaning mode; 2) after a day of painting, I wanted quicker gratification and 3) since just two of us were eating, we didn't want too much food. Mangoes were in the freezer; I couldn't find lychees; The Dude likes pork tenderloin.

The pork was roasted in the oven (along with some Brussels sprouts); I modified the directions for the sauce and made it stove top and then combined it with the tenderloins for the last couple of minutes of cooking.

I went into this dish fully expecting to not care for it - it ended up being one of my favorite AMFT dishes. I would make this again.

The next dish that took my by surprise was (not) sardine escabeche. I have been dreading this recipe since day one (salmon in a jar, part deux). The thought of filleting tiny sardines made me as happy as a teenager that was just told to scrub the toilets...or something like that.

I really and truly did try to find fresh sardines in the supermarket, but no dice...

However, I did have uncooked shrimp in the freezer - Hello bonne idee!!! It was a bonus that all of the other ingredients were already in the house.

Even with the sardines out of the picture, I was still pretty skeptical about this dish. Shrimp marinated in vinegar and olive oil and spices (and a couple of extra hot peppers for good measure)?

This ended up being dinner after another long day of painting (and at least a half dozen trips to Home Depot). Throw in some crusty bread, garlic stuffed olives, cheese and a few other sundries and no one was feeling gypped that dinner was not fresh from the oven.

Now, I am finally back on track with this week's recipe: cheesecake tart. 

I went to the store and picked up what I thought were the ingredients for this before I read the recipe (i.e. cream cheese). When I finally realized that the "cheese" in this cheesecake tart was cottage cheese, I just couldn't stop shaking my head. My head was still shaking when I read that raisins were involved.

I decided to be a good trooper and added the raisins (always an optional ingredient in my mind); after a half hour soak in a cup of rum, I deemed them tart worthy. 

This dessert was enjoyed by all, but I couldn't stop thinking about a particular 1980's video game...

Just sayin'

Now that we're all caught up, I am still in a state of disbelief that there are only two recipes left before I have cooked all the way through Around My French Table. What the heck am I supposed to feed my family each week after this adventure is done????  I am at a loss here. There is more to say in the coming weeks, but still...

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  1. Haha---yup, Pac Man for sure!!! And, to tell you the truth, I debated about adding fresh raspberries to the tart, but they looked awful at the market. Glad you had a triple hit this week. Good luck with your move (and all that awful cleaning and purging that goes with it).
    PS I think my hair is Linen White under the dye :/

  2. Looks like you have not only been busy painting, cleaning and purging…but cooking as well!
    Cher, your photos and presentation are really lovely! I love your Pac Man reference…Food through the eyes of Cher! Wonderful!
    We did have a wonderful time in the City, didn’t we? I never ate so much!
    Glad you finally have your house ready for sale!! Good luck with the sale and move!

  3. LOL re pacman. Cher, I was worried I hadn't commented on your blog in weeks after seeing your comment on mine. Good to know you had taken a break AND you are back! You've had a busy few weeks and you still made all the dishes! Agree re the pork--different and good. For the shrimp escabeche, that must've been so good after a long day painting. Fresh, light, and complex! The cheesecake tart was good, but I too was a bit nonplussed by the cottage cheese thing. Happy weekend and may the real estate gods smile upon you!

  4. How the heck do you find time to cook? However, glad you finally listed your house, hope all goes well, very quickly. Oh, by the way, all of the above recipes look fantastic. This week's recipe was a definite winner..

  5. Good luck with the real estate stuff. Looks like the recipes and your freezer/pantry aligned, always a good sign. I made my pork similarly, tenderloin in the oven and sauce stove top. I liked the sardines, but think I'd like it even more with shrimp, so thanks for the review. And, the PacMan (or is it Ms Pacman) cheesecake tart make me smile. Meal planning which I am poor at to begin with will take a beating when we finish the last of the recipes. Now I'm feeling sad...
    P.S. Howard always felt that on days when you have to make multiple trips to home depot, they should give you a discount after the 2nd trip.

  6. Right. What WILL we all eat? Even my friends are asking me that!!!!! Good luck with the house sale! Are you moving far?

  7. Dear Cher, I certainly hope that all is going well with your move - goodness that is always so much work and I do not envy you one bit! And you managed to make all these wonderful dishes - all three look delicious and lovingly prepared - must have been nice treats amongst all those paint buckets and moving boxes.
    All the very best with your move,

  8. I can't wait to hear where you are moving to. I'm glad the pork and mangoes was popular at your house. I used chicken, because I had it and didn't have pork, and it was good too. I'm with you on a pantry/freezer use up and clean out binge. Also thought the escabeche was good and I used shrimp too. This tart surprised me. I didn't plan to like it:) Yours looks lovely and very Ms. PacMan on your white plate.

  9. My family is worried that I won't come over to try new dishes for them when this is all over. Thank goodness I'm 20 recipes behind, because that will give me something to assuage them with. Love your Pacman reference and I'm impressed that you were able to get any cooking done at all with everything that's going on. Hope the sale is quick and painless.

  10. You have been busy in more ways than one. Good luck with the house selling. I love the pork with lychees and mangoes - it is delish and one of the first things I made from AMFT. The sardine s- yeah, better than salmon in a jar, but probably not a repeat here. The cheesecake tart - superb. Good on you for taking the plunge and using the raisins.

  11. No, bad memories! My husband and I moved into our new place almost exactly one year ago and I am still recovering! I have no idea how you managed to throw together such great looking meals after a long day of painting and painting. I seem to recall barely having enough energy to go pick up a pizza the weekend we repainted our old place.

    But have faith that it will all be worth it in the end. Best of luck.

  12. Good luck with the house sale and move. You have my sympathies about Home Depot, they should give you an employee discount:) We enjoyed the cheesecake tart. I especially liked it the second day cold.

  13. I'm so glad to see this post! I was worried that you were going to miss the final recipes after all this time staying on track. We all have those times where we can manage to cook dinner, but not muster up the time to write a blog post. Good luck with everything!


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