French Fridays with Dorie: Celebration Week #3: The Play-It-Again-Dorie Recipe

As we wind down our French Fridays with Dorie journey, we are taking some time to relive our most often reproduced recipe from Around My French Table.

My most made recipe from AMFT is Roast Chicken for Lazy People - hands down. However, I just don't have it in me to talk about chicken one more time - I feel like I've already beaten that chicken to death.

So, I am dedicating this week to the recipe that I have been wanting to remake the most, but didn't want to spend the money on - crab and grapefruit salad. However, closing out my French Fridays journey seemed like a worthy occasion to break out the sell-your-firstborn-off/ mortgage-the-house main ingredient.

I have nothing clever or witty to say about this one. Fresh crabmeat, cucumber, grapefruit. A hit of acid (I used lime juice). A dash of heat (a jalapeno and some sriracha). Olive oil. Salt. Pepper.

So simple, but so good. And it made me happy.

In other news. One week left of classes in this session. We are busy packing up the house...and trying to nail down a place so that we have somewhere to live in six weeks. You know - all the simple stuff.

No stress here...

Peace out.


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  1. Yeah, that chicken is THE BEST. The crab salad was delicious too. Thanks for the reminder. Good luck with all the simple stuff going on in your life right now. It was great to catch up with you last week!

    BTW, I made floating island today and have official finished all the recipes. Yay!

  2. Cher! You are SO right to celebrate with this. So much to celebrate over your way!

  3. So worth the price! I hope that your classes went well and that you will soon (or already do) have a new home at the ready.

  4. Lazy chicken seems to come to everyone's mind! Finishing FFWD is definitely a splurge-worth occasion. I hope the house hunting/move are going well!


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