Tuesdays with Dorie Baking Chez Moi: Jam Filled Sandwich Cookies

It's back to school week here in Upstate NY - as evidenced by the increasing presence of school buses jamming up my morning commute. (Please tell me why they need to be in my way before 6:30 in the morning...)

I realize that school buses are a necessary and vital cog in the education wheel; but man, I have a hard time feeling the love when they start adding 5-10 minutes to the morning commute. 

Even though we are having the warmest week of the summer, with temperatures in the 90's every day for the past week, the return of school buses heralds the return of baking season.

The bins of apples and displays of squash at the farmer's market this past weekend were another sharp reminder of the imminent season change...

Soon the leaves will turn color and the temperatures will sink further than I even care to think about.


These jam filled sandwich cookies were a nice segue into fall baking - especially since oven time was minimal.

A quick mix then a roll-out, followed by a spell in the refrigerator encompassed most of the work needed to pull these together. Cutting out the dough circles, filling them with jam (apricot) and sealing them up was a fairly painless exercise that didn't leave me resenting the whole cookie making effort.

The end result was a shortbread like cookie with a little burst of flavor in the center. This was a recipe worth repeating.

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  1. Dear Cher, around here we started school a few weeks ago and we are all well into the new school year and all those activities that go along with that...your cookies form Dorie´s book seem such a delightful afternoon treat and like such a nice distraction from all that homework...maybe I could fit them in even on a very busy day...
    Hope your move to the new house went smoothly and that the girls had a good start to their new school/college year!
    Liebe Gruesse,

  2. Absolutely a recipe worth repeating - now I know I can always get the cookies evenly rolled out ;)

  3. School has started over here as well. We are not having all this heat so to me all this in and out of the fridge was a bit fuzzy to me, but after I made a crust in France this summer I got a better understandig of the process :0) The cookies made on Sunnday did not last until Monday as an after school snack. Will have to make these again.

  4. These were a hit in my home as well and will definitely be made again.

  5. Happy September... The only thing wrong with these cookies was the
    amount the recipe made. We finished them in no time flat. Hope you
    are getting settled in your new place, can't wait to hear about all the fun of moving.

  6. I'm itching to make these! I love anything jam-filled. mmmm.

  7. Apricot jam is such a perfect flavour for these and you got a lovely texture on the top of the cookie. The beginning of September is often when I take vacations. It lets the first few weeks of back-to-school and back to work for parents shake out.

    It's so nice that the weather is getting cooler here, after the summer we had. I can contemplate baking and cooking again. These cookies disappeared so fast! I like having a small batch cookie recipe, but I can see having to make these three batches at a time when my extended family is around.

  8. I am so looking forward to Fall, I have had my fill of 90 degree heat. These were a big hit in our house too. I hope your commute smooths out.

  9. Good job, upstate NY, not sending the kids back to school until after Labor Day. That's how it should be (IMHO). School started the first week of August here. I mean really!!! We've been stuck behind busses for weeks. Oh, and did Hell freeze over, or did you actually enjoy making cookies?!? OK, "enjoy" might be a stretch, but "painless" is pretty high praise from you I think. :-)

  10. It's amazing how 5 to 10 minutes makes such a difference. And, although I KNOW there is a good reason for it, school busses go slowly. Feel your pain on that one. Although I am sorrier to know that Fall is here (at least in Aspen) which means those little white flakes will follow. It seems as though you Easterners just got shoveled out. Your cookies look delicious - I'm a fan of apricot jam.

  11. These were good, weren't they, and apricot jam is a good choice. Damn those buses!

  12. glad you liked this one...I didn't use apricot jam, but it is my favorite, so I know it would be delicious in these!


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