Tuesdays with Dorie - BwJ: Swedish Oatmeal Hardtack, Mini Florentine Squares, Glazed Mini Rounds, Pita Breads, Brioche Tarts w/ White Secret Sauce

It's another installment of "Tuesday's with Dorie recipes that I didn't write about while we were moving" whirlwind make-up post. After this round, I am caught up with both Baking with Julia and Baking Chez Moi.


Swedish Oatmeal Hardtack = My new favorite crackers. Everything is better with oatmeal. Everything.

Mini Florentine Squares & Glazed Mini Rounds = Best left to professionals. Or really patient people. And best not made on a hot summer day. Enough Said.

Pita Bread + I made these back when the group made the Eastern Mediterranean pizzas. Although I skipped the ground lamb topping, the pita breads were pretty tasty stuffed with corn and chard fritters and some homemade tzatziki sauce.

Brioche Tarts w/ White Secret Sauce = I understand why Julia cried when she tasted these. So good...

Whew - I'm glad I didn't have to make or eat all of that in one week.

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  1. Your marathon baking is impressive. They look so delicious!

  2. Everything looks like it turned out wonderfully. You've given me major inspiration for rewind week!

  3. Wow! So much deliciousness. I'm glad you're all moved and we'll be hearing from you regularly again. :)

    (And I am crying because I do not have any brioche tart.)

  4. I am SO out of the loop! Looks like some pretty terrific recipes you've made. Pita bread has been on my bucket list---need to check that one out. Happy September, Cher! xo

  5. Cannot believe you. Your family is lucky to have Mama baking, that's for sure. Did you make the homemade tzatziki sauce from Dorie's recipe? I think hers is my favorite. So delicious. If your Brioche Tarts w/ White Secret Sauce are thattt good, I am making them.

  6. These all look great, including your Florentines.

  7. Amazing! I need to make the crackers and brioche! I've been a bad BWJ citizen!! Thanks for the inspo!


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