Tuesdays with Dorie BwJ: Raspberry Swirls, Tourte Milanese, Hazelnut Baby Cakes

Yes, its been quiet around here lately.

Baking and cooking have been happening, but the writing hasn't. Unless its about business ethics. Writing four papers or so a week for school kind of suck the desire to do any other type of writing right out of me. We won't talk about the million and one other things that have sucked up the rest of my free time (I'm looking at you, flooded basement).


So, let's get to it.

First up, hazelnut baby cakes. These little loaves are reminiscent of an almond cake, but with ground hazelnuts... This was a really simple recipe, which paired nicely with mascarpone whipped cream (with a hint of creme de cacao) and some sliced peaches.

The video with the baby cakes can be found here

Next up, tourte milanese. This dish is a show stopper - perfect for a light brunch or as part of a buffet.

A puff pastry shell is layered with herbed scrambled eggs, creamed spinach, salty ham, Swiss cheese and roasted bell peppers. This dish is a little fussy to make, but worth the effort for the presentation value alone. The only change I would suggest is to trade out the cheese for something more flavorful (cheddar, perhaps?).

The recipe for tourte Milanese can be found here

Last, but not least... raspberry swirls (but with apricot). Sponge cake is filled with jam, drizzled in chocolate and dipped in coconut (or topped with ginger bits if one is not a fan of the shredded coconut).

I guess I was kind of genoised out when I made these and don't have much to say. I used the rest of the cake to make a tiramisu like dessert...

That catches me up on the Baking with Julia front. Only a few more months and I will have baked my way through the entire book. I wonder what we are going to do with that wedding cake...

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  1. Wow! Everything looks great! I'm drooling over the photos of your tourte Milanese!

  2. a lot of deliciousness here! I haven't posted the raspberry swirls myself, even though I made them on time weeks ago...oops!

  3. I am all over the Tourte Milanese. Even though it was in the title, I didn't realize this was a BWJ-makeup and spent some time looking for the tourte in Chez Moi. Since I about have Dorie's latest cookbook memorized, I thought you were still swimming in your basementm water in your ears, etc.,! However, as I usually find, I was wrong about that. I pulled down my BWJ cookbook and started looking at all these wonderful recipes. Nice catch-up, Cher. Although I am pleased Life has slowed down a bit, I think you whammied yourself a wee bit by putting it in print. Loved seeing you both this Fall.

  4. School and floods sound like they'd take the creative writing bug away. I hope the basement's back in order - water damage is no fun.

    That's so wonderful that you'll have baked the whole book! I sort of petered out once my nieces got too old and too busy for baking.

  5. Among everything else, at least baking is going well for you. All winners. I only baked the hazelnut baby cakes. Another good ones from BWJ. I haven't baked my way through the book the way you did. Kudos to you!

  6. Having survived flooding in 2010 that did massive damage to our home, I feel your pain! Although the writing sounds time consuming, I know what it is like to feel that lack of motivation to write a blog post. Perhaps we can both find our way back to it! Pairing the cake with peaches did not occur to me-thanks for that!

  7. Dear Cher, sorry to read about your basement flooding. I most certainly hope that things are back in order - we had a few flooding in our basement and I know that this is not much fun, to say the least.
    Love your Hazelnut Babay Cakes - I made them once and liked them a lot. The Tourte Milanese looks amazing - that is a recipe that I have not tried yet but feel that I should. Gorgeous layers. And your Apricot Swirls strike me as a perfect dessert treat.
    All the very best with school papers and basement floodings and all!
    Take good care of yourself!


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