A rose by any other name... (Tuesdays with Dorie Baking Chez Moi: Soft-Centered Chocolate Teacup Cakes)

A lava cake by any other name is still a lava cake, right?

After last week's BwJ chocolate cake nightmare, I was not up for another adventure in chocolate. My ambivalence towards chocolate in general probably didn't do much to help that cause...
Fortunately, the hardest part of making Dorie's lava cakes (sorry, in my mind that's what they are) was chopping the chocolate. Made of eggs, sugar, a little bit of flour and a boatload of chocolate, this was a simple dessert sure to please the chocolate lover in your life.
The inclusion of chocolate chunks in the bottom of the baking dish is what gives it the "soft center". I had a bar of chocolate with cocoa nibs that needed a purpose, so I used that to break up the texture of the dessert.
Dorie suggests baking these in oven safe teacups, but it seemed like an opportune time to break out the ramekins.
Although this was a bit too rich for my tastes, my chocolate lover was extremely happy. (February has been a very kind baking month to him). I thought a scoop of salted caramel gelato on top of the still warm cake was non-negotiable.

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  1. looks amazing, and i like your caramel gelato suggestion very much!

  2. These were great, very rich, but I have been picking on them all
    week. Now they taste like a brownie.

  3. My chocolate lover was very pleased with this one too!

  4. Beautiful photos Cher! I'm not much of a chocolate fan however I succumbed easily to these :)

  5. The gelato was the perfect touch! I agree these were rich but in small quantities and small serving sizes, they are perfect!

  6. I really want to make these some time, especially with salted caramel gelato on the side. It sounds incredible! It was nice to see what a good time you had with visiting with Tricia, by the way! I love to hear about Dorista meetups.

  7. Cake and ice cream what, could be better. Looking forward to next month's pick.

  8. Salted caramel gelato ? YAZZZZZZ !!! All kidding aside, amazing little cakes and so glad your taste tester is a chocolate happy camper this month :) So, so wonderful to catch up for dinner and I am still now trying to catch up in life after running around like an idiot up North enjoying all it had to offer. Yes, work and home responsibilities were all there waiting for me when I returned but at least I had a big smile on. Plus coffee. Always coffee.


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