It's complicated... (Tuesdays with Dorie BwJ: Cornmeal-Blueberry Biscotti, Babas & Buttermilk Bread)

When my daughters were new-born, I used to look at them and wonder what cosmic force in the universe thought that it was a remotely good idea to leave me in charge of ensuring that these two little blobs made it to adulthood. I can barely walk across the room without tripping over something. We won't even talk about the number of glasses that have met their untimely end as a result of being in my hands.

Twenty-something odd years later, everyone is still in one piece. We all survived each other. Day by day. Year by year. Life was complicated and simple all at the same time. With each milestone, I would breathe a sigh of relief and brace myself for the next set of challenges.

Kind of like making babas...

The act of putting together babas seemed intimidating when I first approached the recipe, but when I saw it as a series of steps it really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.

Pastry cream. Check. Simple syrup. Check. Soak the currants. Check. Make the dough. Check. Baked the dough. Check. Soak the breads. Check. Brush rum on top. Check. Fill the babas. Kind of, sort of. Eat up because they're delicious. Check.

As you can see, I did go a little rogue by slicing the babas in half and layering pastry cream instead of piping cream into the center. #sorrynotsorry

Now, when it comes to these currant-cornmeal biscotti, I only went a little rogue. I used dried blueberries instead of currants, just because; and I added Fiora di Sicilia because it's delicious. Unlike traditional biscotti, these were only baked once. I didn't have high expectations for these, but I was wrong. (Ouch, that hurt...)

Last but not least is buttermilk bread (sans bread machine). A good buttermilk bread recipe is a lot like a simple black dress - easy and multi-functional. Everyone should have one. I have decided this one might be it for me.

Enough said.

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  1. now I'm going to have to google "Fiora di Sicilia"...

  2. The buttermilk bread is surely multi-functional and easy. Your bread looks tempting.

  3. All of these look fabulous. I'm particularly tempted by the biscotti.

  4. all gorgeous-- you totally have you $h*t together, if you ask me. :)

  5. Cher, these all look seriously delish - now I am hungry ...

  6. Great works all of them!!! I agree baba's were not too bad if taken a little bit by little bit.

  7. I can relate. I can't even count the number of glasses I've broken in the last couple of years. Crazy to think that anyone would trust me with too small girls. But, fingers crossed, it's working out so far...You've made me quite curious about the biscotti and your bread looks absolutely perfect.


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