Color me... (Tuesdays with Dorie Baking Chez Moi: "Green Tea Financiers" & Odile's Fresh Orange Cake)

Green is my favorite color.

I am not sure what that says about me.

A quick Google search of "what does it mean if green is your favorite color" tells me that green-lovers are practical & down to earth with a love of nature. (I've been accused of that).

They are also stable, well-balanced and good to have around in a crisis. (Also stand accused).

Greens are generally frank. (Guilty) ...

Orange lovers are perceived to be warm, exroverted and flamboyant and thrive on social contact - free spirits, one might say.

I am so not an orange.

Fortunately, introverts and extroverts alike can join forces and enjoy this month's Baking Chez Moi selections.

I was very happy to leave behind February's chocolate overload and move over to the "light side".

Odile's Fresh Orange Cake is a delightful tea cake soaked in orange syrup that is topped off with poached orange slices. Very simple to make and sure to lift your spirits from those end of winter doldrums. This recipe was easily halved to make a 6" dessert - the fallout of winter desserts is even less desirable than winter doldrums.

Dorie's matcha financiers also brought a hit of color to my March baking rotation. Green tea powder (matcha) is one of those "love it or leave it" things in this house (three loves and one leave, to be precise). Making financiers does not involve much more than mixing together ground hazelnuts, flour, egg whites and butter. They are that simple.

I broke out the mini tea cake mold for these cake-lets. I do not own nor do I intend to buy another baking tin. (Please don't ask me that question a year from now). I found the flower-shaped cake-lets to be rather charming.

The end result was a dense cake with a strong green tea flavor. If you like matcha, you will like these; if you don't like the flavor of matcha, then you may want to find a different dessert (I wonder how this would be with espresso powder in lieu of the matcha?)

I had fun playing around with some of my grandmother's carnival glass selection...

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  1. These mini tea cakes are so adorable. Playful display with your grandmother glass selection. Looks like you had fun!

  2. Your matcha financiers are so fancy! You may not be an "orange" kind of person, but your orange cake looks perfect!

  3. What fun little cakes. I love your pan!!

  4. Cher, this post would have been perfect on St Patricks Day - the orange and the green. Your cake is lovely, but my heart is with those adorable little financiers.

  5. Your orange cake looks bright and lovely and I love your cakelet pan - I would bake everything in that if I had one.

  6. I love your cakelet pan! Sorry to hear that the matcha was overwhelming but I bet that espresso would be delicious, maybe with some mini chocolate chips mixed in!

  7. Both desserts look wonderful Cher. I loved the orange cake and with
    all my complaining about the matcha tea, I actually like the financier.
    Who knew......

  8. I have never heard of matcha but we all know I am such a novice about so many ingredients. I still am trying to get the hang of Sriracha! And, truffle salt? When? Do you see what I mean? What I do have is a mini tea cake mold which I picked up at a thrift shop for $2. I have never used it but like the looks (if not the matcha) of your tea cakes so will try something in my mold. Thanks for inspiration. Love the orange cake.

  9. YES for espresso in these! PIstachio is a big fave here in Paris too!

  10. Oh my gosh I love your tea cake pan!!! :) Both of your desserts look great…the orange cake looks so refreshing and like it is sitting out at a summer picnic.

  11. I skipped the TWD desserts this month, but I'm starting to think I might need to make that orange cake!


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