Still alive...

I know its been a long time (like really long), but just dropped in to say all is well.

When we last left off, Runner Girl had just graduated from college and I had gone back to school. Yeah, that.

There is a light at the end of my tunnel (next spring, fingers crossed) and Runner Girl is headed back to school in a couple of weeks. Culinary Kid and The Dude are well and busy.

Oh, somewhere along the way we adopted this guy (if you've been on my IG feed, you can see he's taken over our lives - completely).

To my FF and TWD friends, I hope to see you all again on the interwebs sometime next spring. Until then, Instagram is where I'm at!




  1. Miss your posts Cher but love following along on IG XO

  2. It's been great keeping up with you on Instagram, especially the puppy pics, but it will be even nicer to hear your voice in this space again.


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